HYTEST Work Boot

Hytest Work Boot

Of all the tools and gear needed on the job site, your footwear could be the most important. If your feet, legs, and back are uncomfortable it makes it really tough to work at peak performance; especially at the end of those long days. So when we look at boots for jobsite workwear we focus on a few key factors: Are they comfortable … ALL day? How well will they protect from the elements? What are the safety features? And quality; will they last? So here is our impression of the new HYTEST Work Boot, the FootRests® 2.0 Rebound Waterproof Nano Toe 6″ Hiker.

They call this boot a “Hiker” style, which to us would mean they should be comfortable, offer great support, be rugged, and hopefully waterproof. These HYTEST work boots provide the usual toe protection as well as heel protection, and both are a must for any good work boot.

HYTEST Work Boot – Information

  • Name – HYTEST FootRests 2.0
  • Model – K22471
  • Price – $185
  • Where to BuyHYTEST.com

HYTEST Work Boot – Features

Boot weight and getting your correct size are key factors in all-day comfort. The FootRests 2.0 Rebound style HYTEST work boots are offered in a generous range of sizes: 3 to 16 (with several half sizes), and widths of 3E or D.

According to HYTEST these boots should weigh 1lb 10oz. per boot. I weighed one of our size 10.5’s and it weighed 1lb 11oz. Then I also weighed another “lightweight” brand (that is in the same price range), size 9.5, that I had here in the office and it weighed exactly the same. The HYTEST work boot was a full size larger and had toe protection (the other brand did not), and they were still the same weight. Seems they’ve done a great job at making a truly lightweight workboot.

Hytest Work Boot

The upper boot on this style of HYTEST work boot is made from premium waterproof full-grain leather with double stitching on most of the upper construction.

Hytest Work Boot

Triple stitching at the toe (also, shown below, triple stitching at the heel) for extra durability.

Most often the toes and heels are the first to go on work boots. These HYTEST work boots have toe kick and heel protection. However, I would like a little more protection over the whole toe area, not just the extension of the rubber sole at the front tip of the boot, shown here. On a more positive note, the “toe room” inside seems more than adequate, with their HY-LIGHT Nano Technology toe protection there is still plenty of foot room, even for thicker socks.

Hytest Work Boot

The lacing system is unique. The four lacing points and two speed hooks configuration is pretty standard. But one of the first things I noticed was the “no holes” nylon loops instead of grommets. This has to help with waterproofing. When pulling on the laces, because they are pulling on the wider nylon loops sewn into the leather at three points of contact, you get what I can best describe as a “fuller” pull. It seemed to pull on the whole side of the boot, not just at the lacing point. The laces seemed to want to stay tight as I was lacing up, probably due to the resistance/friction between the lace and nylon loop. I also think you should get longer lace-life, these nylon loops shouldn’t fray your laces like grommets can.

The top of the boot has adequate padding and not over done. The tongue is also padded, and it is all nylon, no leather as I’ve seen on a lot of other work boots. When I tried them on the soft, padded, flexible tongue wasn’t rubbing against my shin, which made them seem comfortable on the first try. The sides of the tongue are webbed to the boot with a stretchy nylon that didn’t seem like it would be very waterproof. But if the boot is laced properly this shouldn’t be a problem. Also, the outside of the top padding and the tongue are felt-covered, I think that could look worn out in a short period of time with much use. I would prefer something more durable, especially on the back/top of the boot. These boots are also missing a loop on the back to make them easier to pull on.

Hytest Work Boot

So here’s what HYTEST says about the “soul” of this boot, “Oil, slip, and abrasion-resistant outsole with Superflex grooves in strategic zones for COMFORT and maximum FLEX.” Here’s what I’d say, “They’re right.” I put one of these on one foot and a boot from the other comparable brand on my other foot and walked around on my painted concrete shop floor. These HYTEST work boots had a little better grip, a “rubberier” feel, and better flex.

Hytest Work Boot

The inside of the boot has a waterproof, moisture-wicking mesh lining. And if I can quote HYTEST again, “FootRests 2.0’s tri-layer anti-fatigue footbed is anatomically shaped for all-day cushioned comfort. The arch tech plate supports the foot while allowing flexibility. And the Xergy anti-fatigue foam midsole absorbs shock and returns energy to increase stamina.” And again, I’ll say I agree with them. As I walked around in these they are just really comfortable boots. I felt I could easily wear them all day. The cushioning and arch support were noticeably comfortable. And the footbeds are removable so you can wash them. And let’s just say I think that is a really good thing.

Hytest Work Boot – Impressions

Walking around in boots for a few minutes, inside, on a dry floor is not a true test of a work boot. But I will say in those few minutes of walking around, and as I looked over these HYTEST work boots inside and out, they impressed me. They seem like they are made well, and would be comfortable to wear all day long. I thought most of the construction was good quality except for the tongue webbing that might not be waterproof, and the felt used on the tongue and top/back padding which will most likely look worn pretty quick. And I always want that finger-loop on the back to make it easier to pull my boots on.

For a longer-term review, follow us on Instagram as we will be showing them off.

Hytest Work Boot – Wrap Up

The four things I mentioned at the beginning, that we look for in a work boot are comfort, protection, safety, and quality. I think these boots hit those marks well, especially how comfortable they were right out of the box. There were just a few things that I think could have been a little better, but overall, in this price range, these are definitely ones to consider for your next pair of work boots.


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