Husqvarna HU675 Lawnmower Cut Report


This was a lawnmower I was really excited to use and I have to say it was bitter sweet.  While I love the power and AWD system, I am not too excited how hard it was to pull backwards.  I have a smaller lawn, so I am turning a lot and tend to pull back on the lawnmower.  For me I thought it took too much effort.  Other than that, I really do like this mower.  The mower is powerful and cuts through my deep grass with no issues.  The AWD system was great for going up my hill and even getting over tree roots.

While the mower isn’t the quietest mower I have used, it is also not the loudest mower I have used.  Now the times I used this mower, the grass has been tall.  The one thing I noticed with the tall grass is this mower really does a great job cutting the grass.  It doesn’t tend to push the grass over, it actually cuts right through the grass.  As with some of the other mowers we used, the grass just gets pushed down, only to look bad the next day.  If you have a longer yard and not many turns, this is a great lawnmower.  Plenty of power and with a name like Husqvarna, you know it will last.



  1. If I were going to buy a gas mower it would be this one. Mostly because I don’t see Sears being around in another three or four years. I’m sure our local store will be on the next cut list.

  2. The Kohler engine is not a patch on the Honda engine, those just keep on going and have a much better record with starting from cold. Kohler service too seem to drag things out, we receive comments like” our last repair took nearly 5 weeks to sort out a relatively simple carb fault” . This AWD system looks great though

  3. Been using a Husqvarna HU800AWD for a few years now, never needed anything outside of oil, blade, and air filter changes, which I can do myself. The AWD works quite well on our bumpy yard (largely clumping fescue).
    For easier pulling in reverse, release the drive bail, and push the mower forward a foot or so to release the drive mechanisms, then it should back up no problem.


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