Husky Tool Bag Review

Husky Tool Bag Review

OK, I know this review isn’t for everyone as some people really don’t care about a tool bag.  However, I wanted to cover this for two reasons. First, I use bags like this all the time and second, we get a ton of emails where people ask us for an inexpensive tool bag either for their tools or something else they want to carry around. So let’s take a look at the Husky Tool Bag Review.

Husky Tool Bag Review Overview

There are two trains of thoughts out there when it comes to job site storage. Some people love the hard cases because of the protection and the ease of organizing in the back of a truck, van or shop. Then there are those who like the soft bag because they can fit so much into the bag and don’t really care about the organization.

When it comes to soft cases, I tend to see a lot of electricians, plumbers and HVAC professionals use these because of all the hand tools, which makes sense because you can organize your hand tools.

I am an organized guy so I love the hard cases. This allows me to keep the bits with my tool and my tools stay protected, plus it makes it easier to store. However, I am a huge fan of soft bags for a variety of reasons. First I love them for hand tools as it’s easy to access, plus you can always throw a drill or impact in the bag.

I have to admit, that I have a bunch of these soft bags not only in my garage and tools but I use them for everything. I have about 10 of these laying around. When I take my kids out to a field and play catch, I toss a bunch of baseballs in there, same for tennis or when we go to the beach. I understand you’re here for the tool aspect of these bags so I will get back on track. I am just implying that there are so many uses for these bags and the versatility makes these a great bag to own. Ok on to the Husky bag

Husky Tool Bag Review Features

Husky Tool Bag Review

The husky bag is an 18″ tool bag made from a water-resistant material that seems thick and will take a beating. The bag measures 18″ x 10″ x 10″.

Husky Tool Bag Review

The bag features a total of 16 external pockets.

Husky Tool Bag Review

The handles are not the best designed. If you have a heavy bag, you will be asking your self why they didn’t include more padding. However, if it’s an average bag with your tools, the handles are comfortable enough.

Husky Tool Bag Review

While it’s nice to have a shoulder strap, it’s not worth even putting on as there isn’t any padding. If you have a lightweight bag, then the strap will suit you fine.

Husky Tool Bag Review

The one feature I love about this bag is the heavy duty zippers and I love how they are big.  So even if you have gloves on, you can still open and close the bag.

Husky Tool Bag Review

Opening up the bag, you will be able to fit a lot of tools or other junk inside. Another feature of this bag is that when it’s open, it stays open. You don’t have to hold the bag open with your hands to see what’s inside.

The inside of the bag features a total of 13 internal pockets.

Husky Tool Bag Review

When the bag is closed, the profile shrinks just like you will see with some other soft storage bags. Not a huge deal, but nice when you’re trying to carry it around.

Husky Tool Bag Review

The bag uses single stitching but everything else seems reinforced.

Husky Tool Bag Review Performance

When it comes to bag performance, it’s really hard to measure because everyone will be using it for different jobs. I think the bag is well layout and like how you can easily access your hand tools on the outside without having to open it up. Inside the bag, there is enough room to add a drill, impact and other hand tools.

The shoulder strap doesn’t provide any real function if your bag is heavy, but if you have a lighter bag, the strap isn’t too bad.

Husky Tool Bag Review Value

The bag retails for $18 at The Home Depot. For me, I think this is a decent value. If you are looking for a soft tool bag, this is a good option as it’s string and durable. If you need some organization but want room for bigger items, this is the bag to own. If you need a bag you will be carrying on your shoulder all the time, I would look somewhere else.

Husky Tool Bag Review Final Thoughts

Overall I love this bag. It’s not for everyone but this bag does have its place in the market.  It’s strong and durable and with it being water resistant, you can be assured your tools will be kept safe. I think for $18 and all the different uses this bag has, it’s worth a look for someone looking for a soft job site tool bag.


  1. Not a bad looking bag…. plenty of pockets and storage!! Perfect for a little (kit or specialty) bag or like a specific service call bag.


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