How the Pros Cope – Coping a DIY Perspective


Well it has been about 8 months since I started my kitchen floor project and I am in the home stretch.  All I have to do is put the trim molding up.  I have learned a quite a few things during this project.  Things like Frog tape doesn’t always work, and walls are NEVER straight.  I have been mitering my inside corners, but now Eric tells me I should cope the corners instead.  Everything I do seems to work against me, the nailer leaves dents in the trim, the caulk gets all over the place.  The Frog tape rips the paint off the wall, then I tape the trim to paint the wall and it rips the paint off the trim… ARGH  Will I ever stop painting!  I came across this video on Youtube of Professionals in action. they make it look so easy!  I need a Copemaster.






  1. I usually end up watching some youtube before a project to get any helpful tips i can get. their are usually lots of people just like me with the same problem

  2. I re-painted, re-trimmed, and tiled all my wet areas last year. I had every one of these same problems and then some. Glad it’s over.

  3. Amazing video. I’ve never seen a trim crew work like that. After trimming out my entire house, I wonder how much time I would have saved with their process. And a Copemaster, of course!

  4. If your nailer is leaving dents, make certain that the tip number is installed. If it is, this usually means you are pushing too hard on the nailer in anticipation of the bounce. Never use the nailer to hold the trim tight to the wall. Use your other hand for this. If you use the nailer to hold the trim tight before nailing,this will dent the trim every time.


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