Hitachi KNT50AB Finish Combo Kit – 6 Gallon Compressor & Brad Nailer

Hitachi KNT50AB

Believe it or not, we are actually taking a look at a Hiachi product.  Over the years we haven’t done a ton of Hitachi, but the tools we have reviewed, like the miter saw, have all been great tools.  Time and time again, we hear about their nailers and how great they are, but we have never tried them, well until today.  Today we are going to take a look at the Hitachi KNT50AB.  The Hitachi KNT50AB is a finish combo kit.  In this kit you get a 6 gallon compressor and an 18 gauge brad nailer, plus an air hose.


Hitachi  EC710S 6-Gallon Oil-Free Pancake Compressor

Hitachi KNT50ABThe first item in the Hitachi KNT50AB is a 6 gallon pancake compressor and I have some bad news, good new.  The bad news is if you want just this compressor, you are out of luck.  This compressor is only sold in the Hitachi KNT50AB.  The good news is that the whole kit is only $200.  It’s a great deal for a 6 gallon compressor, air hose and 18 gauge brad nailer, that is from a company who makes quality tools.

The compressor is a pancake style that is oil-less, which means it tends to run a little louder.  Not saying it’s very loud because when we first started it up, I was expecting it to be much louder.  The decibels is 73 dBA, so in the middle of the road.  In regards to weight, again it’s not too bad.  The tank is steel so while you will get the toughness, you will also get a heavier weight than aluminum.  The compressor weights 36 lbs., but it’s not bad moving it around with the top handle design.

As you can see in the pictures, this has two couplings, which means you can run two nailers without having any issues.  Just make sure you check your CFM of the nailers to make sure you can run both nailers.

While I love the rubber feet and the ball value for draining the tank, I would have liked to see both pressure gauges place on the top of the unit.  The regulated pressure gauge is on top, which is easy to use, but the tank pressure gauge is on the front, meaning you have to bend over to see the pressure.  I know, it sounds petty and I sound lazy, but hey, it is what it is.  Not that it’s a huge deal to see the tank pressure.


  • Tank Type – Pancake
  • Tank Capacity – 6-Gallon
  • Pump Type – Oil-Free
  • Horsepower – 1 Hp
  • Max Pressure – 150 PSI
  • CFM @ 40 PSI 3.7
  • CFM @ 90 PSI 2.8
  • Noise – 73 dBA
  • Length – 16.53″
  • Width – 16.53″
  • Height – 18.5″
  • Weight – 36.5 lbs
  • PSI Range – 120-150
  • Quick Connect Couplers – 2
  • 1-Year Warranty



Hitachi  NT50AE2 2″ 18-Gauge Brad Nailer

Hitachi KNT50ABThe next item in the Hitachi KNT50AB is an 18 gauge brad nailer.  Again this is my first Hitachi nailer I have used.  I have to say while it’s not much to loook at, it does a heck of a job.  The aluminium body and slim design not only makes it lightweight, but you can really get into tighter spots.  While we didn’t experience any jams, they seem easy to clean with the tool free jam clearing capability.

Selecting and setting the height and firing mode (Bump or Contact) is located below the trigger and are both tool free.  While it doesn’t offer a lock out feature for dry fires, it does have a window indicator for those who pay attention to nail capacity.  It is easy to fire through the 100 nail capacity rather quickly because this nailer just runs so smooth.   There is even a storage place on the nailer to store another no mar nose piece, which an extra one is supplied.


  • Nail Range – 5/8″ – 2″
  • Nail Gauge – 18
  • Nail Capacity – 100 Nails
  • Magazine Type – Side Loading
  • Operating Pressure – 70-120 PSI
  • Center Height – 7mm (.276″)
  • Depth Adjustment – Tool-less
  • Jam Clear – Tool-less
  • Body Type – Aluminum
  • Magazine Type – Composite
  • Firing mode – Selective Actuation
  • Dimensions (LxH) – 10″ – 9-3/16″
  • Weight – 2.2 lbs


Hitachi Air Hose

While the Hitachi KNT50AB kit is great, it was nice to see Hitachi include a nice air hose.  Now they could have decided to cheapen the unit by adding one of those cheap air hoses that cracks and you can’t ever coil up.  However they added a very nice flexible 25′ hose.  Plus it’s green, so it’s easy to see and that way you shouldn’t step on it.  The hose has industrial fittings and is spiral reinforced for durability.  This hose will stay flexible even in cold weather conditions.


Hitachi KNT50AB Final Thoughts

Bottom line you get one heck of a compressor, air hose and brad nailer for about $200 on Amazon.  The Hiachi KNT50AB kit has over 400 feedback with a 4.5 average star rating, so that says a lot about the kit.  The compressor is easy to carry around from place to place and the noise level isn’t to bad.   Overall it does a great job keeping up with the brad nailer and you shouldn’t have any issues.  I would have loved to see a nylon bag come with the kit as a place to store your nailer, hose and extra nails, but in the end, it’s not a deal breaker.  I have to say that my first experience with a Hitachi compressor and nailer was extremely positive.  Both tools seem like they are high quality and they are easy to use.  Someone looking for a high quality kit and doesn’t want to break the bank, will find a great buy in the Hitachi KNT50AB



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