Hilti TE 2 A-18 Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill


As you know I am a huge fan of Hilti tools.  I have been using them for years and they have always come through.  They are tough, well balanced working machines.  This is one of the reasons I am excited about showing off the Hilti TE 2 A-18 Rotary Hammer Drill.  For me, I love cordless tools.  I hate having to try and find power, then drag a cord around.  Extension cords can be very frustrating.  Right where you attach your power tool to the extension cord, this always seems to get caught up and leave you short about 6″ away from your work.  Plus the cord always seems to get in the way as a tripping hazard or it stops the filled gondola dead in its tracks when you’re moving it.  Bottom line is I hate extension cords.  However there are always two tools I use where I don’t have a choice, my circular saw and rotary hammer.  Yes, companies offer these in a cordless model and are great if you are doing a little work, but for real work, not a chance.  The one thing I can tell you is after using the Hilti TE 2 A-18, I am now down to only relying on the extension cord for my circular saw.  I can check off the Rotary Hammer drill and now go cordless and actually do longer work times.  I am not saying there isn’t a place for the corded rotary hammer drill.  There is still a huge space for the corded drills especially if you’re drilling all day long.  If that’s the case you can go with the Hilti TE 2.

Having the freedom to move around a site and not rely on an extension cord is great.  If you need to go four floors up and work at least half the day for common applications, in the past you would have to worry about grabbing your cord and hoping you have power within reach.  Well not any more, now you can just grab your TE 2 A-18, head up and be confident you can get the job done.  Picking up this tool, the first thing I noticed was how well the tool is balanced.  I’ve picked up other tools where the balance wasn’t quite right and after using it, you experience fatigue.  For the shell of the tool, Hilti uses a drop resistant ultramide.  The pistol grip fits nicely in your hands and the 360° tool-less swivel handle allows the user to adjust to any location that feels comfortable.  On the back of the tool, there is a nice indent where the user can wrap their thumb and index finger around for even more control of the tool.  Located on the base of the tool is a nice LED light that helps light up your area of work.  However, on the inside is where all the action happens and makes this a real workhorse.

Hilti is the leader in many areas, but the one thing they really excel in is their hammer mechanism and some even say it is the best in the industry.  I am not an engineer so I really can’t tell you much about the ins and outs, but as a user I can say the tool works like a dream.  Hilti designed this tool with an SDS plus chuck for optimal performance for 3/16″ to 3/8″ diameter holes in concrete.  One of the biggest things I noticed with this is the vibration and how little there was.  In my experience with other rotary hammers, after long periods of use, I am always accustomed to feeling the vibration in my hands after I put the tool down.  With the Hilti, that’s not the case.  I am not saying you don’t feel the vibrations, but it is far less than what I am used to.  Which only means one thing, more energy is getting transferred to the bit and the work rather than my hands and arms.  Which all makes sense to me, because this does fly through concrete and doesn’t slow down.

You can have the best housing and best motor, but if you don’t have the battery power to make this tool run, then it’s just another tool that sits around.  Again, not being an engineer, I have no idea about the internal workings of batteries, but I do know the 3.3 CPC lasts a heck of a long time.  Considering what this tool does and the type of work, I was very surprised how well this battery kept up with the jobs.  I experienced the exact same thing with the Hilti 18V Impact Driver, it lasted a long time, which meant less down time.  A couple things that do make this battery so good are:

  1. Cell Management – Hilti uses an individual cell management system that monitors each cell electronically which helps extend battery life.
  2. Cells – Hilti uses the best 3.6 V cells in the CPC Lithium ion batteries, which means longer battery life.  Combine that with the best software and hardware design, Hilti delievers more consistant energy over the life of the battery and a longer life.
  3. Tough Construction – Hilti batteries are built to last, with sealed electronics, robust wiring and support inside to keep all the connections working.
  4. Battery Housing – Hilti uses a robust housing to protect the batteries during drops and falls, not to mention the harsh conditions of the work site.

Bottom line, the Hilti TE 2 A-18 is a great cordless Rotary Hammer Drill.  Great balance and a real workhorse.  This is a tool that’s made to work. Hilti offers a 2 year full warranty (wear and tear included) and life time warranty.  If you want a tool that will last, reduce frustration, reduce fatigue and allow you to be more efficient, this is the Rotary Hammer for you or your crew.





  1. I just wish they could make this thing chip as well… I know the TE 6-A does, but man – that would be incredible if something as small at the TE 2 could do it all… I love my corded te 2

  2. its awesome and amazing, just another think to add to my hilti kit haha great work guys keep it up

    from your mate down under

  3. its awesome and amazing, just another think to add to my hilti kit haha. Great work guys keep it up

    from your mate down under


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