DeWALT Perform and Protect Hands On – World of Concrete 2013


We have spoken about the Perform and Protect line of tools before and even reviewed a few like the DWV012 Dust Extractor Vacuum.  As it turns out the vacuum is capable of a lot more than we thought.  It is the backbone of the perform and protect line up of dust collection accessories.  The vacuum is designed with an easy coupling that effortlessly connects to all of the Perform and Protect attachments.  The DWH050K was another cool attachment, it uses the vacuum’s suction to hold onto a surface like glue.  This thing is great for those messy concrete jobs.  With the twist of the coupler you can easily disconnect the hose and connect it to another accessory like the DWH052K.  This fits on bigger SDS Max hammers like the D25960k Demo Hammer and can be adjusted higher to add more visibility to the work and lower to collect more debris.  The DWV012 Dust Extractor Vacuum is tough, job site tough.


Another Perform and Protect feature is control.  The goal is to keep the user safe and keep the impact on the work and not the user.  When tools this powerful abruptly bind, a massive amount of torque needs to go somewhere.  It usually goes through the users arm which leads to injury.  To prevent this, DeWALT Perform and Protect drills, grinders and demo hammers have a clutch system.  It automatically stops the tool when binding is detected minimizing the risk of injury.  We got to test out this feature and it works exactly as advertised.

We also got a demonstration of the DeWALT D25602KSDS Max combination hammer with Shocks – Active Vibration Control.  For further comfort you can adjust the side handle to 3 positions.  It also has a 2 stage clutch to help protect the user from a sudden bind.  We saw the 4 head full carbide SDS bit in use.  Dewalt tells us that the ROCK CARBIDE tip maximizes surface contact which leads to a longer bit life.

I must admit I didn’t really understand the Perform and Protect line up when it first surfaced.  Now after seeing it all at World of Concrete 2013, it makes perfect sense and I see the innovation behind it.  DeWALT is all about the user and making the best possible experience.   Perform and Protect tools all have innovative features that the pro will aprreciate.



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