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What do you think of when you think Hilti?  Do you think quality, do you think a huge line of tools or do you think something else?

For me, I think quality and I think solutions.  Hilti is one of the premier power tool brands and you can see them on most any major job site.  They don’t sell through traditional sales channels like other manufacturers, Hilti takes a different approach.  Instead, they want to visit job sites, talk with the contractors and tradesmen and really understand each job site and how each situation is unique and different. Then they help come up with solutions to tackle a job site more efficiently.  This brings me to today’s subject, Hilti’s new tools and solutions for the job site.

Below are just some of the new tools and solutions Hilti is offering this year.  I am sure they will be releasing more solutions as 2020 moves on.  I am not going to go dive deep into each tool but I will have a link to Hilti for the specific product on Hilti’s website.

Below is a list to get the ball rolling and see if they have something that might make your project easier and more efficient.

EXO-01 Overhead ExoSkeleton

While Hilti has a lot of cool new ideas this year, the EXO-01 was one that really stood out to me.  I haven’t seen anything like this before in the construction industry.  Hilti teamed up with one of the leaders, Ottobock, and designed an exoskeleton to help the work with overhead applications. You can read the press release here.

Basically this is a device a worker can wear and it will assist them in working overhead.  As you know working overhead is extremely tiring and can be hard on the body.  The exoskeleton doesn’t require any batteries or power supply.  In fact, it uses a cable pull system.  The exoskeleton is a passive system and will help reduce the load by up to 47%.

You have to remember this is a passive system so it will not help you lift more weight or perform the task for you.  This is designed to assist your arms and body when working overhead to prevent muscle fatigue and ultimately injuries.


Hilti Academy

Hilti has an online course to help contractors, tradesmen, and people in the industry learn and expand their knowledge.  I quickly looked this over and I was amazed at how much information is available. Take a look at The Hilti Academy.

Cordless Die Grinder

For those who asked, Hilti released a cordless die grinder, model GDG 6-A22.  This works off the existing Hilti 22V battery platform. The tool is built with a brushless motor and is designed for metal fabrication and architectural metalwork.

Check out the Hilti Cordless Die Grinder

Cordless Grinders & Abrasives Accessories

Hilti released a wide range of Cordless Grinders.  Not only are the new tools available but there are new and better abrasives and accessories for these grinders. They include both flap disks and fiber disks.

Cordless Rivet 

I don’t see many cordless rivet tools on the market so I am happy to see this new addition with the Hilti cordless riveting tool, model RT 6-A22.  Here are a couple of stats:

  • Rivet diameter range: 3/32 – 3/16 in
  • Pull force: 2248.09 lbf
  • Nose piece sizes: 0.094″, 0.125″, 0.157″, 0.188/0.196″

Diamond Products

When it comes to concrete, Hilti is one of the leaders so it’s only natural they would have some new concrete tools.  The DGH 130 is a corded concrete grinder that allows for some unique accessories which gives the tool better dust control.  Check out the DGH 130.

Cordless Screw Gun

Yes, Hilti already has a cordless screw gun.  The new SD 500-A22 is an upgraded model with a brushless motor and faster speeds, plus it’s lighter. They even added an LED light for those darker areas. Hilti manufactures the tool, magazine, and fasteners which means they all play together nicely without issues you see with other manufacturers.  One of my favorite features is you don’t have to adjust the magazine for different screw lengths.  Check out the Hilti SD 5000-A22 02.

Layout Tools

The new product launch wouldn’t be complete without a very cool layout tool.  There is a lot to this tool so I am not going into detail as you can see for yourself at the Hilti website.  One thing to note is this new tool makes it easier for a single person plus helps eliminate human error. Check out the Hilti PMD 200 Jobsite Layout Tool.

While Hilti released a couple more tools, these were the main tools that grabbed our attention.  As you would expect they offer more tools for concrete and more solutions for concrete dust control.


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