Ego & Lowe’s Partner Up


What do you think of when you think of Ego Tools?  Do you think the best Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE)?  Do you think the best OPE battery platform or do you think of something else?  For me, I think quality.  I have been with Ego since they first arrived in the marketplace.  In fact, I still have the first mower and use it all the time.

Now I know most of you think the same thing with Ego being quality because we have heard the praise form our followers and seen the reviews online from real customers.  All of us know and understand that Ego is the leader in the OPE world and they were the brand that raised the bar back in the day when cordless OPE was in its infancy.  Ego was truly the first OPE that manufacturer OPE tools that actually worked, with a quality product that had sustainable working times with their battery platform.

When I think Ego, yes I think Quality.  However, I always associated Ego with The Home Depot.  When Ego first hit the market, Ego (Chervon the parent company), had an exclusive with the Home Depot.  However, news broke the other day that they were going to split and not have exclusivity anymore.

I have to admit, at first I was a little shocked because I have always had this association.  So naturally, Dan and I started speculating where Ego was heading.  In fact, we even released a video on this because it was such major news and we wanted to get feedback and see what everyone thought, which you can see below. Our thought was that Ego was going to go into more distributors such as Lowe’s, Amazon, Costco, and more.

I woke up yesterday and found out more news, not only did Ego break ties with The Home Depot but they are now exclusive with Lowe’s.  Here is the press release.  Lowe’s has an exclusive partnership with Ego.

So what does this mean? I am not 100% sure but I do know that there are huge pros for Lowe’s, Ego, and the consumer.



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