Hilti SID 6-22 Impact Driver

Hilti SID 6-22 Impact Driver

When it comes to heavy-duty professional tools, Hilti is considered one of the best.  Not only are their tools considered the best, but their service, fleet programs, and all the other items they offer are consistently superior to their competition.  While we aren’t going to cover all of that today, we are going to cover one of their newer additions, the Hilti SID 6-22 Impact Driver which is part of their Nuron 22v cordless battery platform.

Hilti SID 6-22 Impact Driver Overview

If you are not familiar with Hilti Nuron, take a look here because it’s worth understanding this technology and why it’s head and shoulders above the rest.  For a quick rundown, one part of the Nuron platform is the battery and how they draw more energy from the battery and transfer it to the tool.  So in the end, less energy is lost which means more work.

As far as an Impact Driver goes, it’s one of the most widely used tools. So having a heavy-duty impact driver that can work longer sounds great, but let’s take a look firsthand to see how the Hilti SID 6-22 Impact Driver stacks up.

Hilti SID 6-22 Impact Driver Features

The SID 6-22 is designed around a brushless motor that delivers 1327 in-lbs of torque on Speed 1, 2655 in-lbs of torque on Speed 2, and 2655 in-lbs on Speed 3.  The impact also delivers 4,250 impacts per minute while only weighing 2.2 lbs.

As noted above, this impact is powered by the new Nuron 22v battery platform which offers more power and longer run times.

Hilti SID 6-22 Impact Driver

The slim handle has a rubber overmold grip making it more comfortable to work with.

Hilti SID 6-22 Impact Driver

The trigger is variable speed and is easy to feather the speed.  So when working with metal fasteners, you can easily start off slow and then ramp up and sink the fastener.

Hilti SID 6-22 Impact Driver

The tool is designed with a quick release and one-handed operation 1/4″ hexagonal chuck.

Hilti SID 6-22 Impact Driver

On the base of the tool, you can adjust the speed settings on three different levels.

  • Speed 1 – 0-1,800 rpm
  • Speed 2 – 0-2,700 rpm
  • Speed 3 – 0-3,600 rpm

While this impact has a lot to offer, I am a huge fan of the ring LED light as it doesn’t cast any shadows that can interfere with work.

Hilti SID 6-22 Impact Driver Performance

We reviewed this impact driver about a year ago.  We ended up giving it to an electrician and he swears by it.  He likes the power, performance, run time, and especially the light because he is usually using it in poorly lit spaces.

While you can use it on a wide range of applications, we decided to take it through some wood with a spade bit and sink some 3″ screws.

Normally a drill is best suited for this application but when you need to do some quick holes, an impact will do.  This Hilti will easily drill through a 2×4 and the spade bit we used was not only old but on the dull side.

Yes, an impact is really designed for fastening so we had to throw some fasteners in some wood.  We sunk a bunch of 3″ screws and as you would expect from Hilti, the tool screamed through this job, sinking them quickly and effortlessly.

Another thing I noticed was the noise level of this impact compared to others we have used is extremely low.

Hilti SID 6-22 Impact Driver Value

You can pick this up through the Hilti store for about $199. For me, this is a great value.  You get a well-balanced impact driver that is built to last.  Plus with the new Nuron 22v batteries, you get power like no other.  And this is all in addition to everything else Hilti offers.

Hilti SID 6-22 Impact Driver Wrap Up

Bottom line, this Hilti Impact Driver is my favorite on the market.  I like the weight, the balance, and the feel but most importantly I like the power and run time, not to mention the LED ring light.  With everything Hilti has to offer, this is a must-have tool if you want the best on the market.


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