Hilti Nuron Jigsaw

Hilti Nuron Jig Saws

When I think of Hilti, I think of professional tools working on large projects such as bridges and skyscrapers.  I think rotary hammers, jackhammers, fasteners, and solutions.  My first thought is usually not jigsaw but here we are, talking Hilti Nuron Jigsaws.

Hilti Nuron Jigsaw Overview

If you have been following us for a while, you know I am a fan of Hilti tools and especially since the introduction of Nuron.  I have never had a lot of experience with their jigsaws, well until now.  So I wasn’t sure what to expect when it came to a jigsaw.  Sure, I expect performance and quality from Hilti, but sometimes a badly designed jigsaw can be more cumbersome than helpful.  So let’s take a look at the features and then jump into performance.

Hilti Nuron Jigsaw Nuron 

While both saws have different designs, they both run off the Hilti Nuron battery platform.  Which means they offer power and longer run times.

Read up on theHilti Nuron Platform

Hilti Nuron Jigsaw – SJT 6-22

First on the list is the Hilti SJT 6-22 barrel-style Jigsaw.  The tool weighs 4.6 lbs and offers 3,000 SPM from a brushless motor.

Hilti Nuron Jig Saws

The battery sits on the back of the saw which helps with balance and control, plus it doesn’t get in the way while using the saw.

Hilti Nuron Jig Saws

The Jigsaw is designed with a slim handle making it easy to grip which in turn makes it easy to maneuver.

Hilti Nuron Jig Saws

The ON/OFF power switch is easy to access and well-placed on the side of the saw.

On the front of the tool, there is a dust shield and a splinter guard, which both are removable.  You can control the orbital action from the side.  On the front of the saw, there is a release lever to insert and eject blades.  One great feature is the blade actually ejects from the tool so no more grabbing hot blades to make a blade change.

Hilti Nuron Jig Saws

The shoe is made of metal so you get durability plus this slides across surfaces easily.

On the base of the tool, there is a dial to adjust the speed.

Hilti Nuron Jig Saws

One feature I like is how they designed the dust management system.  There is a base you can insert on the shoe and the hose will connect to that base.  Since the hose is in the back, it doesn’t impede the use of the saw.

Hilti Nuron Jigsaw – SJD 6-22

If you like more of the D-Handle style Jigsaw, the SJD 6-22 might be a better choice.  The tool weighs 4.9 lbs and also offers 3,000 SPM.

Hilti Nuron Jig Saws

As with the barrel-style jigsaw, the battery is on the back of the saw which makes this a well-balanced tool for ease of use and maneuverability.

Hilti Nuron Jig Saws

The D-handle is slim and the variable speed trigger is easy to control and feather the speed of your task.  One item to note is the trigger is large enough that you can use two fingers so it is much easier to work with and have less fatigue.

Hilti Nuron Jig Saws

On the base of the tool, there is a dial switch where you can also adjust the speed of the saw.

As with the barrel-style saw, this has the same setup where you can remove the splinter and dust guard, along with adjusting the orbital action.

I have to stress how much I like that this saw has a blade ejection system so you are never dealing with hot blades.

Hilti Nuron Jig Saws

This saw features a metal shoe and one of my favorite features is the bevel adjustment.  While some tools use a quick lever, I find that most of the time they don’t hold well.  The Hilti uses a hex screw so you can really tighten the shoe down and feel confident it will stay at the desired angle when cutting.

Hilti Nuron Jig Saws

Hilti being Hilti made this easy to use with a dust collection system, plus it does a great job at collection.

Hilti Nuron Jigsaw Performance

In regards to performance, one of my concerns was how easy it is to work with and maneuver.  Not only are both saws easy to work with and maneuver, but they are also powerful.  The saws do a great job moving the dust debris away from the front of the saw so you can see your cut line.  Both saws also do an incredible job of dust collection so if you are working in a dust-free zone, the saw delivers cleanliness.

And I should also mention that jobsite safety is always a high priority in everything Hilti designs. To that end, both of these jigsaws have a rapid blade brake and Hilti’s Active Vibration Reduction (AVR).

Hilti Nuron Jigsaw Value

Each tool is $269 (hilti.com) for a bare tool.  That price point is at the higher end for a quality jigsaw but IMO worth every penny if you are in the trades.  You get quality, durability, and performance. And considering Hilti’s depth, history, and reputation are like no other company’s, it’s a no-brainer and makes this a great value.

Hilti Nuron Jigsaw Wrap Up

Bottom line, Hilti hit another home run with the Hilti Nuron and these two Hilti Nuron jigsaws. Both saws are worth owning depending on the style you like.  These saws are fast, easy to work with, and powerful.


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