Hilti Nuron 22V 360° Laser Level Review

Hilti 360-degree laser level PM-50MG-A22

When it comes to construction, alignment is key for creating structurally sound and visually appealing spaces. Laser levels are crucial for ensuring this accuracy. However many on the market are not ideal for large commercial construction projects. The Hilti Nuron 22V 360° Laser Level (PM 50MG-22) provides construction workers with an industrial-grade laser level that addresses all the common drawbacks and sets new standards.

Today, we are taking a closer look at the Hilti Nuron 22V 360° Laser Level. Keep reading to learn what this laser level brings to the construction site.


Hilti Nuron 360° Laser Level

Hilti 360-degree laser level PM-50MG-A22
Photo from Hilti
  • Product Name: Hilti Nuron PM 50MG-22 Multi-line Laser
  • Model #: PM 50MG-22 #2390116
  • Features: Casts three bright green 360° lines accurately up to 427 ft. with a receiver, up to 15 hours of runtime on a single charge, durable drop-resistant design plus built-in temperature and humidity protection. Includes wall mount and magnetic bracket.
  • Price: Kits start at $549.
  • Where to Buy: Direct from Hilti.

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Uses for Hilti Nuron 360° Laser Level

The Hilti Nuron 360° Laser Level is ideal for numerous applications, such as installing drywall, aligning pipes and cables, installing plumbing lines, leveling a suspended ceiling, and more. It’s also great for ensuring clean lines when installing tile on a wall. These purely visual applications don’t typically impact the structure itself, but they still reflect craftsmanship.

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Features Review

The common complaints of laser levels are that they drain batteries, the lines aren’t visible in certain types of light, and are easily breakable. Hilti did a great job of addressing each of these common complaints and then raised the bar so high that these are no longer a concern.

Let’s take a deep dive into each of Hilti laser level’s features.

Accuracy & Visibility

Hilti 360-degree laser level PM-50MG-A22

Hilti claims the Hilti Nuron 360° Laser Level can accurately cast three lines up to 262 ft. without a receiver and up to 427 ft. with a receiver. Hilti reported the accuracy of these lines as ±0.12 in. at 33 ft. This laser is incredibly accurate with a phenomenal range.

In addition to the accuracy and range is the visibility. Many lasers use a red light which isn’t always visible in all light throughout the day or in all construction settings. Some lasers are just weaker. Not the Hilti laser.

Hilti chose a neon green light. The color choice stands out against the various shades of light and is vibrant enough to be seen in an already bright setting.


Hilti Nuron 22V battery

The Hilti laser runs off a Hilti Nuron 22V battery. This battery provides up to 15 hours of runtime. That’s enough runtime for most construction days. The Hilti might even have enough runtime for two work days.

Heavy-Duty Construction

Accidents happen on construction sites. A lot of surfaces are either steel or concrete and equipment can break when dropped on these surfaces. Steel, wood, and bricks are also common materials and can break products that are hit by these materials or get buried under them. The Hilti 22V Laser Level can stand up to this.

First, the Hilti Nuron 360° Laser Level has a heavy-duty housing that is drop-resistant. The durability is further reinforced by rubber dampers. The laser also has built-in temperature and humidity resistance so it can be used throughout the year in a variety of seasons and locations. It is IP 54 safety rated.

The laser level also comes with a wall mount and magnetic bracket for secure mounting while in use.

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Performance Review

Yes, we played around with this laser level. One thing to note is that this is a fairly large in comparison. Some others are pocket-sized, not this one. This laser level is 5.5 in. long x 5 in. wide x 7 in. tall, and just under 5 lbs. But like we said, this is not an everyday DIY’er laser level. It’s cumbersome for that kind of use, but a doable size for a construction setting. If anything, the size makes it more noticeable and durable.

We checked out the laser with lights on and off. The lines were strong and visible in both settings. It was also easy to use and the lines and we found them to be accurate.

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Hilti Nuron 22V Laser Level Value

Starting at $549 this Hilti laser level costs significantly more than most other models especially those found on Amazon. However, those models are generally made for smaller home projects. The Hilti Nuron 22V Laser Level is designed to cast strong, accurate lines up to 427 ft. away for up to 15 hours. You’ll be lucky to get three hours of runtime for a much smaller space with the common laser level.

The Hilti laser level is made for construction workers. Its accuracy, long runtime, and durability make it a worthwhile investment for professionals.

A lot of people regard Milwaukee Laser Levels as the best laser levels on the market. Various models range in price from around $250-$600. They are durable and have comparable runtimes, but their strongest laser levels only cast accurately up to 165 ft. and that’s just not enough for many industrial construction applications. Plus, the mounting kits are sold separately, which will make some Milwaukee laser levels cost more than the Hilti.

If large-scale construction projects make up the majority of your work, then the Hilti Nuron 22V 360° Laser Level is for you.

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Final Review

The Hilti Nuron 360° Laser Level (PM 50-MG22) is an incredibly accurate and high quality laser level for commercial construction projects. The price is right on par with its capabilities and well worth it if upgrading your laser level means improving your workday.

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