Hart 20V Radio

Hart 20V Radio

If you haven’t heard, Hart is now the official brand of Walmart.  And if you haven’t heard yet or don’t know anything about Hart, I would suggest reading our article on Hart as it addresses the company, the products and the technology such as the batteries. Today we are going to talk about the Hart 20V Radio.

Hart 20V Radio Information

Hart 20V Radio Features

Hart 20V Radio

The Hart radio is compact and is designed for small workshops, entertaining or just working around the house.  The radio is only 1.2 lbs and the handle makes it easy to carry from place to place.

The radio is powered by the Hart 20V battery.

The radio has 3 modes, Bluetooth, Aux and radio (FM & AM).

Hart 20V Radio

The radio features a single speaker.  I can’t find the watts anywhere but for a single speaker, it’s loud and has a decent sound quality.

Hart 20V Radio

The screen has a nice blue background which makes it easy to read the mode or the station.  You can set up to 10 FM and 10 AM stations.

One cool feature is the foldable antenna.  The antenna folds into the handle so it’s out of the way when not in use.

Above the AUX plug, there is a USB plug which means you can charge your phone while you’re sitting around or working around the house.

Hart 20V Radio Impressions

So here is the deal.  For the size, it’s a great radio.  Don’t expect this to compete with systems that have two or more speakers.  This is a perfect radio for a workshop area, hanging out on the back of a tailgate, sitting around a campfire and more.

For me, the radio is designed as a Bluetooth speaker only.  Sure it has Aux but do you really want to carry around a cord?  The radio reception is nonexistent.  I live close to Chicago and don’t get any FM stations and only a handful of AM stations.  That is not a knock against Hart as I have yet to find a radio this size get any stations around my area.

Hart 20V Radio Wrap Up

For the price, this is a great radio to add to the Hart line.  As a homeowner, if you need a small radio that is easy to carry around, connects to Bluetooth quickly and has a decent sound, this is the radio to own.  If you are in the Hart line, this is a perfect addition since it comes as a bare tool and will work off your Hart batteries.


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