Greenworks 60V Mower

Greenworks 60V Mower

What do you think of when it comes time to cut the grass?  Are you dreading it or is it something you are looking forward to?  For me, I actually like cutting the grass.  I get exercise, I am outside and actually enjoy it.  However, it wasn’t always like that.  When I had a gas mower, it wasn’t as pleasant since it was loud, never knew if I had enough gas and there were those times it was a pain dealing with the hassle of gas mowers.  Today we have a mower that will make your mowing experience more pleasurable, the Greenworks 60V Mower.

Greenworks 60V Mower Overview

Sure cordless mowers have been out a while but let’s be honest, even though they have been on the market, they weren’t always the best quality.  Sometimes the quality lacked, sometimes the cut quality lacked or sometimes it didn’t do much good and just left clumps in your yard.

Well, the Greenworks is here and looking to make your mowing experience better by offering a high build quality mower, a long-running mower and a mower that actually cuts the grass and bags or mulch without leaving you wanting more.

Greenworks 60V Mower Features

Greenworks 60V Mower

The Greenworks mower is designed for the homeowner who wants or might need a little more power.  They designed this mower with SmartCut technology which detects changes in the terrain and grass conditions.  If the grass is high and needs more power, it will kick up the power so your cut quality doesn’t suffer.  If the grass is short and easy to mow, the mower will lower the power and give you more run time, again without lowering your cut quality.

The model number for this cordless mower is 2520102.

Greenworks 60V Mower

The mower is powered by a Greenworks 60V battery.  The battery features a four light LED for a user to see how much power is left in the battery.

The mower is built with a 21″ steel deck for toughness. The mower provides a cutting path of 20″.

The unit is powered by a single battery.  In the front of the mower, you can insert two batteries.  So when one battery runs out, the mower will automatically switch over to the other battery. Each battery will give you roughly 60 minutes of run time but will vary on length and type of grass you are cutting.

The mower can bag, mulch or side discharge.  All accessories are included.

Greenworks 60V Mower

On the top of the handle you can see the fuel level for each battery plus control the safety lever and self propelled option.

Greenworks 60V Mower

The handle is comfortable and has a nice decline so you can place your hands at the top or lower down depending upon your comfort level and how tall you are.

Greenworks 60V Mower

One huge improvement with this mower is the handle.  They really beefed up the handle to make it feel stronger and with the design, it is stronger.

To fold the handle down for storage or transportation, just push up on two buttons on the handle and the handle will fold down.

The large plastic wheel can be raised or lowered with a single lever.  The lever is very easy to move up and down.

Greenworks 60V Mower Performance

Check out the video below and you can see first hand how the mower performed.  I was surprised how powerful the mower is and how well it did with mulching, mowing and bagging.

One of the biggest surprises was the quality of the mower.  The mower just feels solid.  I am not sure if it’s the redesigned handle, how easy it rolls around or just the ease of use but every way, it’s impressive.

Greenworks 60V Mower Value

You can pick this up at your local Lowes for about $500.  To me, this is a great value.  First, the build quality is great and more than what I expected.  Second, no more spending money on gas. Third, well let’s just say to get rid of the hassles of gas, well that is priceless.

Greenworks 60V Mower Final Thoughts

Overall I love this mower.  I love the build quality and the cut quality.  Not only does this mower do a great job at cutting the grass but it does awesome at bagging and mulching. If you are looking for a cordless mower to make your life easier, this is a great option.  Next time you are at Lowes, check this out and I know you will be impressed also.


  1. I already have a few 80v tools and was planning on buying a mower this year. Is Greenworks going to give us an 80v version of this design? I really like the turbo button and the beefed up handle but I don’t want an additional battery platform. Hopefully Greenworks hasn’t abandoned its other voltages.

  2. I emailed Greenworks and was told, “Unfortunately, we currently do not have anything in the works to update the entire 80v line.” I’m waiting for clarification – I hope parts of the 80v line will be updated. I see an updated 80v snow blower on their website so I have hope.

    I’m reluctant to buy anymore 80v Greenworks tools if the line is abandoned or deprecated. This also makes it hard to consider the Greenworks brand since the 60v line might be superseded by a new voltage line of tools.

  3. My old, heap gas mower still starts with one pull even after a Wisconsin winter but the handle has always been too low for me. Now random wheels are dropping to the lowest position and scalping my yard.

    I’ve ordered the new 60v mower from Lowes and will hopefully pick it up this Sunday. If a redesigned 80v comes out soon its all because of me


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