Greenworks 80V 18″ Cordless DigiPro Chainsaw – Gas Killer


Think green!  Fossil fuels are deemed evil and soon will be eradicated from this planet.  Well maybe in about 70 years, but Greenworks is one step closer to making a no gas a reality for millions of property owners.  We were highly impressed with the Greenworks 40V chainsaw that we saw at GIE a few years back.  The 80V has twice the power and longer run time.

80V chainsaw

When we first got the 80v Chainsaw we took it out to a huge cottonwood tree that we had dropped last year and never chopped up.  After charging the battery for 30 min and adding the chain bar oil the saw was ready to cut.  The saw cut through the thick tree trunk just as good as any gas-powered saw I have used.  The saw has an overload protection that prevents damage, when we pushed the saw hard it engaged.

The 2.0 Ah battery will give you 150+ cuts.  We went through some thick logs so didn’t get near that but it is possible with smaller trees.  The brushless motor gives an equivalent of 2.7hp. With this saw on the market I don’t ever see a homeowner going with gas again. This saw will make some pros converts also.  Gas is a huge hassle, it is loud and it smells and unless you need a ll day production this saw is for you.


    • Yeah, for a portable mill that rips trunks into slabs battery power is still a long way off petrol. But nonetheless for general duty it sounds like a beast.

  1. I love how all the top brands are jumping on the battery game it’s getting hard to choose what line to get into. T.I.A!!

  2. Milwaukee is the wat to go .I use the 12 v fuel line impact, light and soon to purchase the drill,because my Dewalt just died.

  3. For a homeowner with occasional use, this is a no brainer. I don’t think that electric saws are quite yet there for professional use, but I think they will be in a few years. The speed the technology is advancing with cordless tools is crazy awesome.


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