GoodYear Blimp – How they Build it


Everything looks easier than it appears. In this video from GoodYear we see how they build one of their iconic blimps. I certainly hope they build it better than they build their tires and windshield wipers.

My Ford F150 had GoodYear Wranglers on it that lasted a pathetic 30k miles before needing replacement. Then I decided to buy GoodYear wipers at Costco, they lasted roughly 2 months. I avoid GoodYear products like the plague now, they for sure are not the great brand they used to be.  But hey, they make good videos of building blimps.

Blimp Build


  1. That damn Good Year blimp scared the crap out of me one night. They must have been going to an event to the north of me, and the sound of it moving is so weird. I was like what the hell is making wirring that noise I look out the window and see the dang Good Year Blimp cruising along. We have had all sorts of weird things go on being next to a freeway regarding aircraft they like use it to navigate the area I think.

  2. Dan i believe this is the new redesigned bliml…and yea goodyear sucks..i change alot of tires at work…and goodyear always gives me issues when balancing the wheel..always need alot of weight to balance which is not good…michelin is best imo… I like nitto aswellfor performace tires


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