GearWrench Double X Pliers and Hemostats – Innovative Hand Tools


Long needle nose pliers are usually used in tight compact spaces, but they have one major flaw, You need space for the handles to spread to open the jaws. The GearWrench Double-X Pliers use a compound joint to remain as narrow as possible.  I must say it really works.  I dropped a nut into a tight area and was able to retrieve it with the pliers where standard long nose pliers wouldn’t stand a chance.  The grips of the pliers are double dipped which make them comfortable to hold.


The hemostats have a higher quality feel than the pliers.  They grip and lock like an alligator and take some moderate pressure to release.  Like the pliers, they also have the double X compound joint making them perfect for tight situations.  GearWrench provides a lifetime warranty for its hand tool line up and I have always had good luck with their tools.  Check out GearWrench




  1. Tthe same pliers are now available under the Crescent label ( for a bit less money. Same parent company, same tools, different handle grip material.

    I’m interested in hearing your thoughts about the hemostats after you use them for a while. I purchased a pair a while back ( and promptly returned them – the spring steel material they’re made from was just too stiff and uncomfortable to use.

    As for the pliers, I feel that the quality is a bit lacking. My original pair was returned for having uneven jaw grooves, the replacement has an uneven angled tip, and my new Crescent ones have burs alongside the jaws that should have been filed down. I’ve never had such issues with cheap consumer-grade pliers, and am surprised to see them on pro-level ones.

    • Hey Stuart. That sucks the professional pliers are like that, wouldn’t expect that. We keep you up to date on thoose to see if they wear out quicker with the springs.

  2. These pliers/hemostats look very specialized. I find a telescoping magnet will do most of what this tool does: picking up a dropped bolt/nut in a tight space or holding the nut on the flat to align it to the bolt, etc. When I have to use jaws in a tight space, the opening needed is usually small, so regular long pliers normally works.

  3. own gearwrench ones straight ones and curved end.
    use them for removing fuel filter from weedeater.
    and helping pulling rope through hole on chainsaw.
    use them for times make life easier less cussing.
    keep both in rollaway .happy i own regrets.


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