Dremel 3000

Dremel 3000 Box

We have done some Dremel reviews in the past such as the Saw-Max, Dremel Trio and the Cordless 8200 to name a few.  Now we are going to take a look at the Dremel 3000.  What is so special about the new 3000?  Well a couple of things.  Dremel indicated the new 3000 is redesigned based on feedback from users.  So let’s jump into the 3000.  The Dremel we are looking at came in the kit 3000-2/28 meaning this is the 3000 model with 2 attachments and a 28 piece accessory kit.

The kit comes in a nice molded case.  I wish the case was a tad bit bigger.  While everything fits in the case, it does take a little time getting the cord wrapped up correctly to fit in the case nicely and close it.  Maybe I am just a little impatient.  The 28 piece accessory kit comes in a case of its own (still fits in the larger case).  If you don’t own a Dremel, it’s a nice accessory kit to get you started.  If you already have accessories from an older model, it’s a nice addition as the older bits still work.  In the accessory kit you have sanding disks, polishers, grinding bits and cutting bits.  The kit comes with two attachments, the Sanding/Grinding Guide and the Multipurpose cutting guide.  Both guides have a nice thumb screw to adjust the heights.  There are numbers printed on each guide for adjustment.  However these are just printed on, so they will only last so long before they wear off.


The Dremel 3000 still has that nice feeling in your hand like some of the other Dremels on the market.  The motor is a 1.2 amp motor and has an rpm range of 5,000 – 32,000.  The speed is adjusted by a slide switch on the body of the tool.  Also a user can replace the brushes, one on each side of the tool.  One thing Dremel redesigned were the vents, with side vents. With the redesign the tool should run cooler when used for extended periods of time.  Overall the tool is light weighing only about 20 oz.  Dremel includes a 4 year warranty.

Okay here is the real cool feature of this tool, one I truly like.  The nose piece is the wrench to tighten and loosen the collet.  No more having to use that little wrench or finding a wrench to do the job.  That little wrench always annoyed me because I would drop it or could never get a great grip.  Now you just unscrew the nose, insert the bit, tighten with the nose and screw it back on.  You are set to go.  However if you use one of the guides, you will still need the wrench, so I am not out of the clear yet.

The power of this tool is great, even though Dremel has some more powerful ones.  At low speeds we did get more vibrations than we would have liked, but at high speeds it felt nice.  The pencil cap nose allows easy control.

If you have a Dremel is it worth it to upgrade?  Probably not, even with the cool feature of the nose cap.  The Dremel 3000 is a great rotary tool and with a name like Dremel you know it’s quality.  If you are looking to replace an old one or get a new Dremel and don’t want the extra power of the bigger Dremels, the 3000 is a great pick.




  1. Meh,I’ve had the shaft lock fail on me three times. I’ll find a better quality built product. No thanks, Dremel.


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