Firm Grip Gloves

Firm Grip Gloves

There are numerous types of gloves in the market place for the tradesmen or homeowners.  You can buy anything from a simple latex glove to protect your hands from getting grease or dirt, you can buy garden gloves, mechanics gloves or a wide variety of gloves. Today I want to talk about leather gloves which are great for a variety of project but especially for demolition work. So let’s start out with talking about leather gloves and then jump into these Firm Grip Gloves.

Firm Grip Gloves Overview

Leather gloves are great for protection but not for dexterity. So make no mistake, leather gloves are not for every application as some jobs a leather glove will be more of a hinder than a help.

While leather gloves do have a wide range of uses, for me, I think the best application is demolition applications. I used this glove when I was demoing my house. I ripped down plaster which not only was dirty and dusty, but there were tons of nails. The leather gloves were perfect for this application as I could clean up the mess on the floor and not worry about the nails scratching or sticking in me. Another great application is for ripping of roofing. Asphalt is extremely rough on gloves. While you will get holes in any gloves when tearing on roofing, a leather glove will last much longer.

Firm Grip Gloves Features

Firm Grip Gloves

If you are familiar with leather gloves you know there is a little break in period as they can be stiff. With the Firm Grip gloves, they are already broken in and the leather is soft.

Firm Grip Gloves

Each finger has two holes which allow them to breathe to an extent.

Firm Grip Gloves

On the wrist area, there is an elastic part which will flex when moving your hand towards your arm. No longer will the glove dig into your wrist and irritate that area.

Firm Grip Gloves

On the palm features a double leather for more durability. The thumb has a soft textured piece of leather sowing into this area for more dexterity.

Firm Grip Gloves

On the back of the glove, there is extra padding directly over the knuckles for added protection.

Firm Grip Gloves

The gloves feature a Velcro strap which makes it easier to take the glove on and off, plus give you a better fit.

Firm Grip Gloves Performance

I primarily used this when I was ripping down plaster and cutting up wood during the demo phase of my house remodel. For this, the gloves did as advertised. They were comfortable and protected my hands. I was easily able to use a hammer, reciprocating saw or circular saw while wearing the gloves. I have used other leather gloves in the past where you have to take them off to use certain tools, but these were much better than the traditional hard leather gloves. By the end of the job, the gloves were still holding up.

Firm Grip Gloves Value

You can pick these up at The Home Depot for about $25. Overall not a bad deal. While they are comfortable and offer dexterity and protection, I would like to see these priced closer to the $20 mark since they are a consumable product.

Firm Grip Gloves Final Thoughts

While there are a lot of gloves in the market place, I have to say these are a good pair of gloves. I have never heard of Firm Grip before trying these out and they did exceed my expectation for comfort, dexterity, and durability.


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