It’s Finally Here – The Bosch GTS1041A REAXX

Bosch GTS1041A REAXX

The day is finally here, well all most.  Starting on June 1, 2016 Bosch will make available the Bosch GTS1041A REAXX.  Now if you have been living under a rock, you might not know what is so special about this saw.  Well the Bosch GTS1041A REAXX isn’t just any table saw, it’s a table saw that will bring safety to a whole new level.  How many times have you heard or even seen the stories of people slicing or losing their finger?  Bosch has developed a new table saw that will help protect users and keep them safe.  You have probably heard of the Sawstop.  Well imagine that, but 50 times better, no a 100 times better.

Bosch designed this saw with an active response technology that delivers flesh-detecting technology to help reduce potential user injury.  The saw combines sensors and electronics with mechanical injury-prevention systems. The Active Response Technology system on the REAXX table saw detects human flesh that comes in contact with the blade and rapidly drops the saw blade below the tabletop. All this happens in an instant to protect the user.  So here is the kicker to this system.  Not only do you save your digits, but you save the saw also.  Instead of having to replace the saw blade or even the motor, you just have to replace a cartridge.  Yes it’s that easy.  So after you clean out your boxers, you will be able to get back to work quickly.  The saw has a dual-activation cartridge, whjihc means you get to mess ups before you have to buy a new cartridge.  Just rotate the dual-activation cartridge and reset the drop mechanism and the REAXX table saw is ready to go without damaging the blade. All necessary parts, instructions and wrenches are located onboard the saw, including storage for extra dual-activation cartridges.

According to Bosch you can still cut treated lumber and some what wet lumber.

The Bosch REAXX on-board control system is an intuitive, easy-to-understand LED light panel that communicates and manages saw operation and indicates saw status.

  • Green means the saw is ready for use
  • Yellow means the saw is in bypass mode and will not react to blade contact; this mode can be used for cutting conductive materials that could potentially activate the Active Response Technology system
  • Red means the saw is not ready and will not function until the user corrects an issue
  • Blue light means the saw requires service

Users can access a REAXX Android™ phone app, which uses near field communication (NFC) to provide saw registration, saw status and troubleshooting steps, lockout options, performance information, number of activations remaining and service requirements. In addition, an iOS™ phone app is available that provides information about saw registration and troubleshooting steps.

Now while some might look down upon the price tag of $1,500, let me remind you of two things.  First it’s much cheaper than your medical deductable and a lot less painful.

Like all Bosch table saws, the Bosch REAXX saw includes a modular blade guard, the Smart Guard System. This primary safety device provides a physical barrier between the user and the saw blade, as well as offering protection against kick-back. Active Response Technology is integral to the REAXX Jobsite Table Saw and is intended to be used with the Smart Guard System to provide the operator with an added level of protection.

Bosch REAXX has a 15 amp, 4.0 hp max motor that generates 3,650 rpm. It’s jobsite ready because it works with onsite generators for a truly portable solution for mobile trade professionals. Cutting varied materials requires maximum horsepower and excellent cutting speed. The Bosch REAXX Jobsite Table Saw offers these attributes along with electronic control soft-start, constant response electronics and overload protection. Advanced electronics reduce the intensity of motor startup and maintain cutting speed under load.

Additional precision features include an optimized rail system that boasts a pre-squaring SquareLock™ Rip Fence, which is engineered for precision. Prior to locking, the fence glides along the rail and locks into place for solid and consistent cutting performance. The table is sturdy cast aluminum sized to rip up to 25″ on full-sheet materials (4 ft. x 8 ft.); an on-board rear outfeed support provides an extra 18″ of support for longer workpieces. A rugged sub-base is built to withstand daily abuse related to transport, storage or jobsite conditions.

This full-featured jobsite table saw can be easily transported to and from the job thanks to the Bosch Gravity-Rise™ Stand, which sets up in seconds. The stand includes 8″ treaded wheels and is sized for easy pickup truck loading or unloading.

The Bosch REAXX Jobsite Table Saw will be available June 1, 2016. To learn more about REAXX, visit


  1. Damn, I wish I was in the market for a new table saw. That looks like a good fit for my garage. Thanks for the tip Eric.

  2. I just bought a new table saw so it looks like I am not getting it. I wish I waited and got this one. I really like Bosch, they are really good tools and last a long time. I have a Bosch table saw and it is great, but it is not as advanced as this one. Great write up

  3. So I wonder what service is involved in this? If it indicated a blue light that means it needs service? Such as….? Cartridge expires? Something like that? Anyways, this sounds very promising, being able to save the blade instead of destroying it like Sawstop

  4. Nice to see an alternative to the SawStop, that does not ruin your blade and force you to replace an $80 cartridge. Great job Bosch. #TIACREW

  5. Thank you Bosch for giving us an alternative to the sawstop, now if you put that technology in a cabinet saw. That would be golden. Nice saw. #tiacrew

  6. Hey guys I have used this saw and it’s a great tool to use. Very smooth and love that all the small little adjustments that can be made

  7. I really like this part ‘Instead of having to replace the saw blade or even the motor, you just have to replace a cartridge.’ I learned on a Sawstop table saw at college, it really made me more comfortable when I was learning. Glad to see the technology just keeps improving.


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