DCP580 Brushless Planer – DeWALT UK

Dewalt cordless 18V planer

DeWALT UK just released a video of their upcoming 18/20V XR Brushless Planer.  We hope to see this tool arrive here on the shores of the USA soon and this might be a preview of what it will look like.  It has the ergonomic DeWALT 20V Max grip.  It looks to come with a 5.0 battery.

Another feature it boasts is an “Airlock” port that is compatible with a dust bag and dust extraction.  The USA version, if there is one will probably be compatible with the Perform and Protect line.  We will be visiting DeWALT in June and this might possibly be on the agenda.  If it is, it should give the Milwaukee 2623 planer a run for the money.  Check out the video below.


  1. I love the these planes. I do some work installing doors are it makes it a breeze. It would be even quicker if it was cordless. Time is money. This tool also looks like it has a great dust collection, which also makes cleaning up quicker so again you save time.

  2. Definitely want to get this, i have a corded bosch thats great but cordless is awesome. The perform and protect line, is that the top secret new line with some fancy battery? #TIACREW

  3. Seeing this planer literally made my day. I am invested in the 20v line, and i love Dewalts tools, but I had that they don’t have as many tools as the other guys. I will buy this planer as soon as it comes out. Now Dewalt just needs to come out with a cordless brad nailer and I’ll be happy.


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