2024 Father’s Day Gift Guide

2024 Father's Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is June 16 this year. Don’t let it catch you off guard and empty-handed. We put together 11 great Father’s Day gift ideas perfect for dads, grandfathers, uncles, or any others who fit the “fatherly” role in your life. Our gift ideas also suit a variety of ages and interests.

The countdown to Father’s Day is on, so let’s get shopping!

Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub

2024 Father's Day Gift Guide - Coleman inflatable hot tub

Do you have or know a hardworking dad that could take a load off? This portable Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub is the perfect gift to help him unwind and even ease sore muscles at the end of the day.

Inflatable hot tubs have been around for a few years. Because of this Coleman offers a variety of inflatable hot tubs at different price points to fit most budgets.

  • Customer Review: “It’s almost been a year and I am very happy with my investment. Setup was easy, and 104 degrees is pretty hot. This thing [hot tub] is super durable and strong. People can sit on the walls with no issues. For the price, it’s totally worth getting.” – Amazon Review
  • TIA Review: “I don’t own one myself, but I know a lot of people who do and they all tell me that they are surprisingly excellent.” – Kiaya Freeze
  • Where to Buy: $490-$809 on Amazon.

EVER ADVANCED Fishing Chair with Rod Holder & Cooler

2024 Father's Day Gift Guide - fishing chair

I know a few avid fishermen who have this Fishing Chair with Rod Holder and Cooler on their Father’s Day wish list.

The number one comment people have is that this chair is heavy and durable. It won’t blow away from a light breeze like lighter aluminum chairs. The feet are also adjustable so dad can sit and fish comfortably at any location.

  • Customer Review: “This thing is solid! It is also heavy. Not your flimsy aluminum chair. Helpful is the built-in carry strap with shoulder pad. The ability to fit and ground is simply outstanding.” – Amazon Review
  • Where to Buy: $129.99 on Amazon.

THOSAF Damaged Screw Extractor Set

2024 Father's Day Gift Guide - damaged screw set

Is dad your favorite handyman? Well then make some repairs a little bit easier with this Damaged Screw Extractor Set.

Stripped screws are the bane of every handyman’s existence. This set takes away all the struggle and are only $10! Pair with some lottery scratchers and you have a nice little Father’s Day gift for dad, grandpa, or your favorite uncle.

  • Customer Review: “I ordered this set when I was replacing the hardware on my kitchen cabinets. I had several screws that were either stripped or would not budge. This set worked beautifully! Instead of fighting with the screws this set allowed me to drill into the stubborn screw and extract them. The set comes with five different bits, are nicely secured in a handy case and the set is very nicely priced.” – Amazon Review
  • Where to Buy: Only $10 on Amazon!

Host FREEZE Beer Pint Glasses

Celebrate BBQ Day with Amazon Deals - freezeable beer pints

Do you want to get dad a Father’s Day gift he’ll appreciate but won’t break the bank? Get him the perfect beer glass to keep his beer frosty and cold even on a hot summer day. This refreezable beer pint has that classic pint style and ergonomic grip for easy drinking (day or night, we won’t tell), but the modern materials to keep it cold, and a nice silicone band to prevent dad’s hands from freezing or his beer from warming.

Dad isn’t a beer guy? Host brand also has freezable wine and cocktail glasses, cocktail shakers, and ice cream bowls!

  • Customer Review: “They work better than I anticipated. Purchased as a Christmas gift for my husband who is a beer connoisseur. He loves them. Hand wash and dry and stick right back in the freezer for next time.”
  • Where to Buy: $30.99 on Amazon.

VOKSUN Retro 3-speed Vinyl Player with Bluetooth

2024 Father's Day Gift Guide - bluetooth vinyl player

Let dad enjoy the classics this Father’s Day, but with a modern spin (literally). This 3-speed Vinyl Player can play his classic records, he can listen via the built-in speaker or use Bluetooth to connect to wireless speakers. If dad doesn’t have his favorite music on vinyl then he can play music from his phone on the player’s built-in speaker.

  • Customer Review: “Just what I was looking for. Simple, nice looking, Bluetooth record player. You can’t beat it for the price.” – Amazon Review
  • Where to Buy: $74.99 on Amazon.

Redcat Racing Remote-Controlled 1979 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Lowrider

2024 Father's Day Gift Guide - remote controlled 1979 chevy monte carlo

Save dad the midlife crisis and keep thousands in his bank account with this fun remote-controlled version of his dream car. Seriously, who didn’t want one of these at some point? Hilarious!

GoSports Putt Partee Golf Croquet Putting Game

2024 Father's Day Gift Guide - golf croquet putting game

A lot of dads are really into golf, but finding the time for a full day at the golf course can be difficult. Let dad enjoy his favorite game more by bringing it home, but with a fun new twist.

This Golf Croquet Putting Game is the perfect party game. If dad has young kids or grandkids it’s also a great way to introduce them to the game, and maybe in a few years dad will have a new golf buddy to take to the golf course.

  • Customer Review: “Great for outdoors, but just as much fun indoors. We bought this as an indoor activity when the weather is bad. Just swap out the hard balls for soft practice ones and you’re good to go. My family loves playing rounds throughout the house and we take turns “designing” the course to play.” – Amazon Review
  • Where to Buy: $34.99 on Amazon.

Toilet Mini Golf Putting Green

2024 Father's Day Gift Guide - toilet mini golf putting green

Now if dad is really into golf he’ll get a kick out of this mini golf putting green he can use while on his porcelain throne – he might start using the bathroom more than ever before!

  • Customer Review: “A gift for my partner. He was so happy. I think he now spends more time in the toilet just to play” – Amazon Review
  • Where to Buy: $13.99 on Amazon.

BIG HORN OUTDOORS 12″ Wood Fired Pizza Oven

2024 Father's Day Gift Guide - wood fired pizza oven

Tools in Action is based in the Chicago suburbs. We know pizza. We love our deep dish, but we also appreciate a wood fired pizza. This 12″ Wood Fired Pizza Oven by BIG HORN OUTDOORS uses wood pellets to reach a high and consistent heat required for the perfect pizza, and for A LOT cheaper than other high-performing wood fired pizza ovens from competitors.

  • Customer Review: “Bought for my sister and she loves it. We had homemade pizza Christmas night. Told BIL to watch some you tube videos and he put it together in no time. I bought extra pizza pans so they can keep making them one after the other. It was like being at the pizza parlor making your own pizza your way.” – Amazon Review
  • Where to Buy: $199.99 on Amazon.

Thoughtfully Gourmet “Most Wanted” Wild West BBQ Sauce Sampler Gift Set

2024 Father's Day Gift Guide - wild west bbq sauce sampler set

Whether dad’s a griller or a fan or westerns this “Most Wanted” Wild West BBQ Sauce Set will make the perfect Father’s Day gift. We can get into a grilling rut, constantly falling back on the same seasonings and sauces. This set will get dad excited to try new flavors – he might even share his new favorite grilling recipe with you!

  • Customer Review: “Son in law couldn’t wait to try it so he bought some steaks and now he’s a better cook for it! Family agrees. Will buy again.” – Amazon Review

Where to Buy: $34.99 on Amazon.

Igloo 70 QT Premium Trailmate Wheeled Cooler

This one is a deal! On sale for $50 off. This is the ultimate traveling party, or coach’s sideline assistant. 112 can capacity and leak-proof. It has a dry storage compartment for things like sunglasses and cell phones. And it is lockable. If your “dad” is a fisherman, tailgater, or T-ball coach, he’ll really appreciate this gift, over and over and over.

    • Customer Review: “I get so many compliments on this beast anytime I show up to the bbq, it can handle pretty much any type of terrain and it keeps stuff cold for days! OD green is why I got it, clearly it looks killer and that is really all that matters. Has held up well to some beating and the scratches along the way add to it’s realness. 10/10 stuff dreams are made of.” – Amazon Review
    • Where to Buy: $199.99 on Amazon (You save $50).

MORE Father’s Day Gift Ideas

What are you getting your dad this year OR what is on your Father’s Day wish list? Tell us in the comments to help others out with their Father’s Day shopping.

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