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EGO Multi-Head System Review

EGO Multi Head System Review

Cordless Outdoor Power Equipment has become more and more popular in recent years. EGO has made a huge name for themselves with homeowners with a battery platform that has been years ahead of their competitors. I personally own wooded property, meaning I have a lot of property to maintain. For me, EGO’s system was most tempting for their well-respected battery platform, but also because they had just what I needed without going overboard. Let’s get started on the EGO Multi-Head System Review and see how it measures up.

EGO Multi-Head System Review Overview 

Multi-Head systems seem to be everywhere in the Outdoor Power Equipment World right now. It’s a smart idea, using a single power source with attachments saving both time and space. EGO uses their 56V battery to power their head and provides incredible power that has yet to disappoint. With each company coming to the market with a new multi-head system, it’s hard to know where to start.

The EGO Multi-Head System consists of several different packaged systems, the ones I received are:

EGO Multi-Head System Review Features

EGOs Multi-Head System is a full system, featuring the power head, string trimmer, edger, extension pole, 10 inch pole saw and hedge trimmer. 

The EGO Power Head features a brushless motor with water-resistant technology to protect the tool from light rain or minor water exposure.

The Power Head uses EGO’s 56 Volt battery, this set included the 5.0 Ah battery. The battery easily slides on and has an audible click, with a simple release to remove the battery to charge.

The Trigger is a standard trigger that is comfortable to use, even for extended periods. Also, the powerhead includes a lock-off button for safety.

The Power Head features a speed selector, offering customization for the users’ needs.

The handle is covered with a foam surround and is adjustable along the pole using 4 small bolts, easily adjusted using a hex key based on user comfort and attachment needs.

The Power Head easily attaches to an attachment by loosening a knob and inserting the attachment until you hear a click.

Arrow indicators make it easy to align and use. Removing attachments is simple, loosen the wing knob and depress the shaft button and the attachment will be easily pulled out.

The extendable attachment extends the reach of the until by 31 inches and is installed the same way as the other attachments.

The String Trimmer is a 15-inch trimmer, allowing for maximum removal of high grass and uses 0.095-inch dual-twist line for increased performance. The string trimmer weighs in at 3.5 pounds.

The trimmer had a guard made of hard plastic for protection from projecting grass and debris. The guard also has a steel blade for cutting the trimming line when needed and was easily installed using two included bolts.

The trimmer features a rapid reload head for simple line replacement, allowing 16 feet of line to be installed at a time.

The bump head allows for the line to be released from simply tapping the head on the ground. Saving the user time and interruptions to manually adjust the trim line.

The string trimmer includes a multi-function wrench should you need to disassemble the head for maintenance and an alan wrench for adjustments.

EGO’s Edger attachment weighs in right at 5 pounds.

The Edger features an 8-inch blade, allowing maximum cut depth of four inches.

The Edger has a guide wheel which helps to maneuver the edger along sidewalks or your driveway.

The depth of cut is adjusted by a knob on the guide wheel that unlocks and allows the wheel to be slid along a metal channel allows the user to customize the edge.

The debris flap is included to prevent debris from being projected on to the user.

The sight line on the edger allows the user to see where the blade will fall when moving for optimum control.

The EGO Pole Saw attachment features a 10-inch bar and chain and weighs just over 4 pounds.

The bar and chain are both manufactured by Oregon, and much like their chainsaw features a narrow kerf sprocket nose and double guard bars.

The oil tank is semi-transparent allowing the user to visibly see the oil levels and accepts standard bar and chain oil. The Pole saw has an automatic lubrication system, preventing damage due to an unlubricated chain.

The included chain sheath allows for safer storage and transport when not in use.

The Hedger attachment has a 20-inch cut capacity and weighs in at 5.4 pounds.

The 20- inch steel blades ensure a long lasting attachment and allow for a 1-inch cut capacity.

The head has the ability to articulate into 12 different positions by simply turning the lever, allowing for cutting at virtually any angle.

The hedge trimmer includes a cover for safe storage.

EGO Multi-Head System Review Performace


EGO’s Multi-Head System hits the nail right on the head in terms of performance and ease. The runtime on the battery is incredibly impressive, and while I don’t make a habit of running batteries until they are depleted, I couldn’t use every ounce of power it had in a single use. The 5 Ah battery allows the tool to run for extended periods of time without skipping a beat. The extension pole does exactly what it is intended to do, allow a user to use the attachments at a longer range. Now, as expected the longer the pole, the more awkward it is to handle. EGO does an exceptional job allowing the tool to remain relatively well balanced despite the weight.  Another bonus was the comfort; the cordless technology is quieter but more importantly doesn’t have near the vibrations during use that a gas-powered unit would have.

It has been years since I have used an actual edger, but with a lot of curved sidewalks and a long driveway, I knew I needed a better way to create the clean lines I want. It does have a bit of a learning curve to get the ideal angle. Someone with more experience probably wouldn’t have that struggle though. Once I got the right grip down, the line was crisp and clean. I have seen some people mention the blade wears down, obviously, there was slight wear initially because I kept hitting concrete. However, I didn’t really see any exceptional wear on the blade during normal use.

The EGO Pole Saw attachment was probably the most exciting attachment in the bunch. Having a lot of mature trees that need pruning means a pole saw is a necessity. I was amazed at how well the extension worked in this case as well, making the pole saw nearly ten feet long. It allows a user a considerable boost of height when needed. The Hedge Trimmer Attachment stands out in EGO’s Multi-Head System with an innovative design that sets it apart from other hedge trimmers. The adjustable head was an unexpected bonus to customizing its use. The Hedge Trimmer works flawlessly, slicing right through small branches and hedging beautiful lines with ease. Add the extender and you have even more versatility to your trimming.


The EGO String Trimmer attachment was absolutely one of my favorite tools to use this year.  The bump mechanism allows for easy extension of the line, and the loader functions quite seamlessly. I was pleased with how easily it cut through thick weeds, and even thin brush without trouble even on the low setting. The trimmer also was easy to get a feel for and creating clean cuts of grass against trees was a breeze.  I generally find trimmers uncomfortable to use. The constant vibrations and uneven weight make the process cumbersome. I am usually not a fan of doing a whole lot of weed eating, but this trimmer changes that. EGO did an amazing job by balancing the trimmer attachment well and reducing vibrations to allow for extended use. This attachment is a winner without a doubt as is the entire EGO Multi-Head System.

EGO Multi-Head System Review Value

EGO has a really unique pricing structure on this system with a lot of ability to mix and match to get the attachments you need. As reviewed, it rang in at just over 700 dollars total. EGO is available at The Home Depot exclusively. While that is a chunk of change, the reality is you’d outspend that significantly to purchase the tools separately. EGO has done extensive research to perfect their battery system remains at the peak of the industry. For me, investing in outdoor power equipment is essential. Having as much property as I do I absolutely need a reliable system that can get the job done. I think EGO prices their tools fairly, offering the quality and features you expect while remaining accessible.

EGO Multi-Head System Review Final Thoughts 

EGO has a full system of attachments. It isn’t overly complicated but has the essentials needed to get the vast majority of homeowners ready to tackle their outdoor needs. Often times the drawback of multi-tool systems is that each individual component doesn’t perform as well as their individual counterparts. EGO is the exception, missing no quality in their line up and focusing on all the details that take their tools from ordinary to exceptional. EGO has an amazing lineup that you cant go wrong with.

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