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Ego 56V Trimmer

If you have been shopping at Home Depot in the Lawn and Garden section or have seen our previous review on the Ego lawnmower, than you have probably seen this brand before.  However if you haven’t been lucky enough to do the items in the previous sentence then I am sure you are wondering who the heck is Ego?  Ego is a brand new player to the Lawn and Garden market this year.  They have a full line of tools for any serious home owner, such as a lawnmower, hedger, weed whip and blower.  But I am sure you didn’t come here to hear about all of this, you just want the low down on the Ego String Trimmer, correct?

I still can’t say if I am completely sold on the whole idea of battery operated outdoor tools.  I know the market is going that way, but part of me is still stuck with the idea that nothing beats gas.  Well except for the maintenance and other BS that comes with gas.  In regards to performance, how can a battery operated tool come close? Now I am not saying this Ego trimmer is going to push a gas trimmer to the side because it won’t,  However it did open my eyes.  I have to say I am really liking this Ego 56V line of tools.  They have really impressed me.  For the trimmer, the balance is great.  Very easy to operate and use.  While gas tools have immediate feedback when you press the trigger, battery tools are a little different, at least for outdoor tools.  There is a couple seconds delay for the tool to start and then get up to speed.  Not a huge deal, but one that should be noted.

Okay the power, how is the power?  As I said, don’t think this will compete with a gas power trimmer because it won’t.  This trimmer did surprise me though. My grass is pretty long and it did a great job.  While I did have to go slower in some spots, it did a great job cutting down heavier areas.  The tap and go string feed system did a great job.  I know some people are having problems with the tap system.  My suggestion is just to take the string out and loosen it.  Once I did that, it worked great, no problems.  In regards to battery life, I did my whole yard with one battery, so as far as I am concerned, the battery life is great.  So you want more specifics on run time?  Okay you should get about 45 minutes with the 2 amp hour battery.  Now I didn’t test this because it only took about 25 minutes to do my lawn and didn’t feel like standing out there longer than I needed to be.  Plus my neighbors were giving me funny looks wondering why I was only wearing boots and shorts.  I shouldn’t joke around like that, make sure you practice safety when using any tool.



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