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If you are reading this post you are in for a real treat.  This is our first installment of Tools in Action Pro.  While we visit a lot of job sites, we rarely ever document our encounters with the pro.  Mainly because of the time factor involved in trying to align schedules and the amount of time we have to spend on each video.  Our normal videos take hours of time between creating and editing the videos.  Being on site with a contractor is much more involved because there are so many variables out of our control, plus all the extra time involved of the interviews, editing the hours of footage and more.  However on this occasion we decided to do something different and officially introduce Tools in Action Pro.  Tools in Action Pro is a new segment where we take you on-site, with real professionals in real environments.

Before I get started on the run down of the Bosch IDH182 Socket Impact, I would like to give a special thanks to Dan and all the time he put into this video.  Not only did he do all the editing, he also did all the interviews and all the action shots.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much time he took for this video.  I would also like to say thanks to Bruceski’s Marine Construction, not only for letting us film them and take away from their work, but also having to deal with Dan.  My intent was to do a review on the Bosch IDH182, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized I can’t do it justice.  The real justice is watching the video.  However I do want to talk a little bit about the Impact.

As you may or may not know, Bosch is the first to bring this innovative tool to market.  What makes it so innovative?  Well you get two tools in one.  The IDH182 has 1/2″ square drive for sockets and a 1/4″ quick-change hex, how cool is that?  For Bruceski, it works out perfect.  As you can see they built a lot of different things with this tool.  One item was a boat house where they were putting supports up high.  We all know one main goal is to lighten up our tool belts.  But this is even more important when you’re working above the ground.  This tool allowed them to bring up one tool, the Bosch IDH182.  They were able to use the 1/2″ sockets to attach their main supports, but they also needed a 1/4″ for smaller screws and fasteners.  The 1/4″ drive  also allowed them to use an adapter for their 3/8″ sockets. Instead of dealing with two tools, they completed the job with just one.

Bosch IDH182 13Now Bosch didn’t just stop with the two tools in one, they also made this bad boy with a brushless motor, which means you get a longer life from this tool.  As the famous infomercial says, but wait that’s not all.  On the base of the tool, a user can push a button and adjust between three different speeds.  This adds versatility to the tool and allows it to be used for a variety of applications.  Plus there is another button to control the three LED lights where you can leave them or off, a great feature to take away shadows and save battery life.   As a contractor, it’s up to you if you want longer run times or less weight.  Bosch has a couple different kits, including the bare tool version.  If you want a lighter tool, you can buy this with 2.0A/h batteries or if you desire longer run times, you can go with a 4.0A.h battery.  With 1650 in. lbs of torque, its hard to find a job this can’t tackle. While it is not the most powerful 1/2″ impact on the market it is one of the most powerful 1/4″ Hex impacts on the market.

Without going to much more into this tool, mainly because I want you to watch the video, I am going to end it here.  Bottom line Bosch built an incredible tool that is not only innovative, but a tool that really helps the contractor with their daily work and allows them to become more efficient.  The ergonomics of this tool in our and the contractors opinion are best in class.

Before I end this post, I also want to ask everyone for a favor.  We want to hear your feedback about Tools in Action Pro and your feedback of your experience with the Bosch IDH182.  If you like this video and segment, we encourage you to share this video with your friends, contractors you know and anyone who may be interested in the Bosch IDH182 Socket Ready Impact.



Battery Chemistry Lithium Ion
Battery Voltage 18
Drive 1/4″ Hex + 1/2″ Square Drive
Height 9″
Length 6.2″
No Load BPM 0-3,200 / 0-2,600 / 0-1,100
No Load RPM 0-2,800 / 0-2,000 / 0-1,300
Torque (in. lbs.) 0-1,650 / 0-900 / 0-400
Weight 3.2 lb


(2) – 18V Lithium-Ion 2.0 Ah Slimpack Batteries

(1) -Battery Charger

(1) – Lboxx 2

(2) – Exact Fit Insert Tray

(1) – Double-ended Impact Bit

(1) – Belt Clip


  1. Haha, manly new voiceovers!

    Color me surprised that they were able to remove any of those large rusty fasteners that were underwater with this tool. 137 ft lbs isn’t that much, I had trouble with some 3/8″ hardware and no rust.

  2. Looks like this tool combines a good impact driver and lousy impact wrench; and only has 2 amp-hour batteries. I don’t believe many pros will be impressed.

  3. Love the format! You guys did an awesome job. I will say the voice over guy shocked me for a minute I’m used to your voices on the videos. It was like a hey that’s new kind of reaction 🙂

  4. Fantastic effort guys, looks like TIA Pro will take it to the next level !
    I used to film and edit TV commercials back in London, so i understand all that this production entailed. Great Job.
    Also, loved the write up – praise for Dan on all his hard work, but then praise for Bruceski’s for putting up with Dan ! Lol
    That’s why i love you guys. Plenty of information, mixed with great humor.
    Here’s to the future !

  5. Like the new format, packed with great information and great demonstrations, can’t wait to see the new stuff from tools in action pro and killer start with the logo too.

    From your mate down under have a good one guys

  6. Reminds me of the milwaukee videos were they show off a new tool with the help from several pros… It was that good..nice job dan

  7. Really nice job guys! I love the hands on opinion of pros who actually use the heck out of these things. Basic reviews are ok, but testing in the field is what it’s all about! Great job guys!

  8. Man, seeing all those guys use chrome sockets on an impact makes me cringe.

    Great video/review guys. Good to see the impact in action. Will definitely be on the list of new tools to pick up.

  9. Tools In Action Pro is a great idea. Let the pro’s try the tools & get their opinions is great. Your reviews are great to actually hear from pro’s on how they use a tool is awesome. Great idea & keep these coming.

    I still haven’t gotten out to the Bosch distributor to try this tool, plus all the other line up, because they are only open Mon thru Fri. Who does this now a days??? Laters TIA


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