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Ego 56V Hedger

Out of all my favorite Ego tools, this has to be my favorite, well this and the lawnmower.  One thing you want to notice is the bar, where all the action happens. This bar is a 24″ bar and you can see it goes all the way to the front of the tool. While some claim to have long bars, most don’t actually have that cutting capacity, where with the Ego, it does.  This unit delivers 3,000 SPM and is powered by a 56V 2-Ah battery.  You can cut up to 3/4″ thick branches, pretty wild for a battery powered hedger.

Besides the long reach, another item I like is the instant off.  Once you let go of either the front handle or back handle, the unit shuts off.  This is a great safety feature.  In my use I did about 20 bushes and I have to say it works awesome.  Most of the bushes I did were pines.  I did about 6 bigger bushes where I cut through some thick branches and I have to say, not one hiccup.  As with the other Ego tools, the only downside I can see is this is a new company, so there are no long term reviews to see how the tools or the batteries hold up over time.  All in all if you want one battery platform for your house, the Ego so far seems like the way to go.


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