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Official Press Release:

Today Denver Global Reinvents The Lawnmower With The Introduction Of The Raven MPV7100 Series

The first hybrid multipurpose vehicle that combines a lawnmower, a vehicle and a portable generator

Denver, NC (May 27th, 2014) – Denver Global ( today introduced the Raven MPV7100 Series, combining three products – a hybrid powered riding lawnmower, a portable 7100 surge-watt generator and a personal transport vehicle into one game changing multipurpose product. The Raven MPV transforms the way consumers tend to their property by offering unparalleled versatility from a single machine, combined with a refreshingly modern look.

In addition to its modern exterior, the Raven MPV comes equipped with a removable 46-inch fabricated mowing deck, ATV-style front shocks and suspension, and a built-in 7100-watt generator, allowing users to bring power wherever it’s needed.

As a mower, the easily removable 46-inch mowing deck provides a smooth cut with adjustable dual blades that can be set to cutting heights in half-inch increments from as low as 1.5 inches to as high as 4 inches. Users can easily navigate around trees, rocks, and other obstacles thanks to the MPV’s 14-inch turning radius, and when maneuvering isn’t required users can opt for the MPV’s built-in electronic cruise control system.

With the mower deck removed, the Raven MPV becomes a multipurpose vehicle capable of reaching speeds up to 17mph in gas or electric mode. A built-in trailer hitch and a maximum towing capacity of 550 lbs. allows the MPV to easily transport small trailers or pull carts, whether they’re full of yard mulch, power tools or hunting/camping equipment. The large, turf-friendly tires allow users to mow without worrying about damaging their yard, while providing extra grip when used as a multipurpose vehicle.

Power has never been more portable thanks to the Raven MPV’s built-in generator. Operating as a mobile power plant, the Raven MPV allows users to power tools, appliances, TV’s, and just about any other item in their home or yard. It can also be used for emergency back-up power when weather strikes.


“Until now, no other mower available in the U.S. offered both the efficiency of a hybrid power system and the convenience of a multipurpose vehicle. The Raven line of products brings the future of yard care and outdoor power products within easy reach – and they’re fun too,” said Michael Parkins, CEO of Denver Global.  The Raven MPV is available at select retailers and dealers.  For a complete list of features and capabilities, please visit

About Denver Global

Founded in November, 2010 and based just outside of Charlotte in Lincolnton, NC, Denver Global, a subsidiary of Chongqing RATO Power Manufacturing Co. LTD, manufactures innovative outdoor power products designed for safety, functionality and ease-of-use. For more information, please go to



  1. Lowe’s price was 4,300 but now I seem them there for 4,000. I think they need there head examined to jack the price from 2900 to 4400 is nuts. They say they has to make over 250 improvements. Well who’s fault was that just because they didn’t test it first. I had the 710 and it never worked right when it came home now the 7100 has been great never any problems I just wished they left in the tilt knob. I ask company why they took it off they said they had complains that people couldn’t get it to hold and I say to them BS they never ran long enough to had that problem with the first one. Like batteries dead,couldn’t get it to start,in my case blades come flying out from deck, charging system couldn’t keep up the batteries. I think charge more get less. Now that I said the 710. 7100 is a whole different game this unit just fly s, It is dependable easy maintain heck no belts,pulleys,tenisioners . The 5 gal gas tank seems like it last forever I mow 4 acres my 60 Swisher zero turn just make to weeks before it needs 5 gal. Raven has only a 46 in deck but it’s so fast I still beats cutting time of the 60 incher. I did add one thing seat belt steering wheel turns very sharply I feel I needed it.


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