Dewalt Tripod Light

Dewalt Tripod Light

A lot of power tool manufacturers have been coming out with Jobsite lighting.  A couple have gone so far as creating a tower light that is bright, easy to move around and is tough enough for the job site.  Which brings me to the Dewalt Tripod light.

As you know there are a lot of job sites that don’t have power or you need extra light for working.  Sure you can get a generator but who wants to listen to that all day long?  Dewalt has a solution that is as tough as any other manufacturer in the market but doesn’t cost nearly as much.

Dewalt Tripod Light Features

Dewalt Tripod Light

The Dewalt light is a telescoping light that extends to 7′ tall.

Dewalt Tripod Light

The light is compatible with all 20V and even the Flexvolt batteries.

Dewalt Tripod Light

Dewalt designed the light with a tripod set up so you always have three points of contact with the ground and make the light extremely stable, even if bumped.

Dewalt Tripod Light

On the side of the light, there is a handle that makes it easy to carry around.  There is also a button to allow you to extend or contract the three legs for storage.

Dewalt Tripod Light

In the middle of the light, there is another handle for multiple carrying options.  There is also a push-button for operating the light.  A single push will turn the light on high, another push will turn it on medium and another push will set the light to low light.  Another push will turn the light off.

The light features a single large LED that puts out 3000 lumens.

Dewalt Tripod Light

As noted above, you can extend the light.  There are two levers that will allow you to move up and down a section of the light so you can set it at the exact height you want.

Dewalt Tripod Light

When not in use, the light folds up so you can store it in your truck, Jobox or under a workbench.

Dewalt Tripod Light Performance

So here is the deal.  I am not sure how to show you the performance.  I went in a dark room to shine it up but then I was thinking any light will look good in a dark room.  I tried to show it in my addition since I don’t have lights but again, it’s really hard to see the difference.  So above was the only thing I could really show how bright it is.

It’s a picture so it’s hard to show but I wanted to try it in a well lit up place, which is our shop.  Now it’s hard to see but you can see how we have a light above.  Once I turn on the Dewalt you can see that it cast shadows on the wall from the box.  This is the only way I can really show how powerful the light is.  As you can see it out powers the light above and creates a show effect.

Dewalt Tripod Light Value

The light cost about $160 at The Home Depot.  Is that a fair price?  I think so considering the Milwaukee is 500 lumens less and $70 more than the Dewalt.

Dewalt Tripod Light Final Thoughts

Since I have been doing my addition, I have been using the heck out of these work lights.  While I love the power and run time of these lights, my favorite part is how quickly and easily they fold up so I can move them from location to location.  This light is powerful, has decent run time and is stable.  What else can I ask for?

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  1. I’m pretty confident that this tripod and the Milwaukee rocket are from the OEM. They’re physically and functionally identical, save for some aesthetics like rounder legs, latch tab shapes, and a different reflector in the head. Worth noting that the DeWalt lacks an AC plug option like the Milwaukee, but they’re both fantastic lights, and as I stated above, pretty much the same exact product regardless of color.

  2. The AC option on the Milwaukee light is what really does it for me, there are so many times I have power and it’s not to have unlimited run time


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