Dewalt Trim Compressor D55140


Compressors are always fun to play with as they run some pretty cool tools.  For a long time we have been wanting to test a Dewalt compressor, maybe it’s the name we wanted or the cool look, but the time is now.



Specifications of the Dewalt

  • 2.6 Amp Motor
  • 1 Gallon – Trim nailer
  • Electric Powered
  • 69 –dB rating
  • Oil free Pump
  • Weight 24 lbs
  • Powder coated roll cage
  • 90-135 PSI operations



The Dewalt Compressor has some features we really like.  First is the layout.  The gauges and dials are on the top, so they are easy to read.  The roll cage is powdered coated to help protect the paint and chipping.  On the bottom of the unit, there are four rubber pads to help protect the unit from vibrations, but more importantly the surface the compressor sits on.  The pump is an oil free pump, so you don’t have to mess around with always checking oil levels.  The draw motor also offers easy start up which means less tripping of breakers when on the job.  When we were using the compressor, the recovery rate was rather fast and shouldn’t have a problem keeping up with your workload.

Operation & Handling

The compressor needs to be broken in.  The Dewalt compressor requires the user to open the ball drain, located on the bottom of the unit, then turn the compressor on and let it run for 15 minutes.

Operating any compressor is a snap, but the oil free pump is much easier.  You never need to add oil or perform any maintenance on the system, well you should drain the tank.  The pressure relief valve is easy to access on the left side of the compressor.  The ball value on the bottom is also easy to access.  One nice feature about the ball value is the lever is easy to access and turn by just using your hand, you don’t need pliers or any other tools to open the value.

On the top of the unit there are two gauges, tank pressure and regulator pressure.  There is also a black dial to control the pressure called the regulator dial.  One item we like is the regulator dial.  When you move the dial, it doesn’t feel cheap, it’s nice and tight and easy to set the pressure precisely at the desired psi.

The compressor is rather quiet having a 69 dB rating.  Dan even indicated it was quiet enough where you wouldn’t wake up anyone.  Apparently he finishes jobs at customers homes at 2:00 in the morning or he is the trim fairy that sneaks into people’s homes at night to finish the job.  If you watch the video, that might make more sense.  In all honesty it is pretty quiet which is important, since you will get this compressor to kick on more often since it is a smaller compressor.


What’s really not to like about this compressor.  It has easy to control and easy to read gauges, plus lightweight which makes transporting from room to room a breeze.  The soft feet help stop any vibrations and movement of the compressor when it’s recharging and in addition it helps protect the surface the compressor is sitting on.  All in all it’s hard to beat the Dewalt name and this Dewalt compressor.

We always like to hear back from our readers on their experience with these tools – good or bad.  Do you have experience with these tools?  How has the long term use been?  What applications have you used the tool for?  Is this a DIY or professional grade tool?  Let us and other readers know.


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