Dewalt Pro Organizer Review

Dewalt Pro Organizer Review

There are two kinds of people in this world, those who like to stay organized and those who don’t.  For the people of the earlier category, Dewalt has a pretty cool organizer for your small parts such as nuts, bolts, screws, nails and more.  So let’s take a look at the Dewalt pro organizer review.

Dewalt Pro Organizer Review Overview

When it comes to job site storage, Dewalt has a variety of solutions for the professional.  They have Tough Boxes, T-Staks and more.  So when we found out that Dewalt has a solution that is lightweight and designed for small parts, I knew this was something I wanted to check out.

For me, I love being organized and it drives me crazy when I am not.  I can’t stand spending extra time and wasting time looking for power tools, parts or fasteners.  Now I am not as bad as my wife where I have to have all the labels facing me, but I am to the point that I need to know where things are and have to put them back right away when I am done with them.

Dewalt Pro Organizer Review Features

Dewalt Pro Organizer Review

The Dewalt organizer box is made from a plastic which means it doesn’t add weight but can take abuse.  The box is 17.4″ deep by 11″ wide and 2.9″ tall.

Dewalt Pro Organizer Review

The box features 20 different compartments and is great for small parts you need to keep separated.

Dewalt Pro Organizer ReviewDewalt Pro Organizer ReviewDewalt Pro Organizer ReviewDewalt Pro Organizer Review

On the front of the box is a plastic handle which is great for carrying or if you have it laying flat, you can pull the box towards you.

Dewalt Pro Organizer Review

The lid is held down by plastic latches.  Now I am not sure why they didn’t use metal latches.  So for me, this means it might not be the best solution for people who are mobile since you have more of a chance of dropping this box.

Dewalt Pro Organizer Review

On the side of the box, there are two more latches to help keep the lid tight if it does fall.

Dewalt Pro Organizer Review

Dewalt uses a clear lid which is great because you can see exactly what’s inside.  You can also see that there is a waterproof seal on the lid, however with plastic latches, not sure how tight it will seal over time.

Dewalt Pro Organizer Review

The bottom of the box is also made from plastic which means it should protect your surface and they are also stackable.


While this organizer has 20 compartments, the best part is you can easily remove the dividers.  All the yellow dividers are removable.  The black center divider is not removable.

Dewalt Pro Organizer Review Performance

Here is the deal.  In some conditions, these excel, while in other conditions, not sure if they are the right fit.  For me, I think they would be great in a shop, garage or back of a van.  For someone who is mobile, not sure if they are the best option.  Since they lack metal latches and some pieces will move into other areas of the organizer, these are the reasons I don’t think they are good for mobile solutions.

As you can see when I put some finish nails and tipped the organizer upside down, the nails went into other bins which can be annoying.  Now if you use this for screws, nuts and bolts, you shouldn’t have this issue.  Plus, if you are using this in a shop setting or somewhere where you will not be hitting bumps or dropping this organizer, it will work great.

I love how I can easily remove the dividers and customize this to my needs.  The clear plastic lid is nice because if I have more than one of these, I don’t have to spend time opening a lid to see if what I need is inside.

Dewalt Pro Organizer Review Value

You can pick this organizer up at your local Home Depot for about $14 which I think is a good deal.  I have seen some of these organizers sell for more.  However I have also seen them sell for less, but I also feel you get less with some of the other cheaper organizers.

Dewalt Pro Organizer Review Final Thoughts

Overall I think this is a great organizer for small parts such as nuts and bolts.  If you are looking for something that will hold up to the daily abuse of a job site, not sure how much these will hold up and you might want to go with the T-Stak.  But I think for a shop or the back of a van, these are great ways to stay organized.

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  1. Why the heck wouldnt B&D make them compatable with tstak and versastack?
    Honestly, instead of adding hundreds of dollarsworth of components to versastack setup, i just want to chunk it out and go with Pack-out…

    Sometimes ya gotta wonder who should be thinking for these companies…”should be” being the key words


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