Milwaukee Tape Measure Review

Milwaukee Tape Measure Review

In this Milwaukee Tape Measure Review we see how their 16’ tape (Model: 48-22-6616) performs and whether it will be a good addition to your tool box, belt, bag, apron, glove box, or even desk drawer.

Milwaukee Tape Measure Review Overview

Traditionally, for me anyway, I normally think of Stanley when you mention tape measures. Well, not anymore, after reviewing this tape measure. On most construction sites you will usually find a 25’-35’ tape on guys’ tool belts, as there is a direct need for that length.

When I am working in the garage, or on smaller projects, I carry a 10’ or 16’ tape for the size and weight. The smaller tape, along with the easier to handle housing, make using on these projects quite pleasant.

Milwaukee Tape Measure Review Features

The rubberized, ergonomic housing makes holding and handling comfortable while keeping a secure grip.

Milwaukee Tape Measure Review

Measuring markings on the tape are easy to read thanks to contrasting colors and well laid out markings. Additionally, the bottom edge of the tape is divided with 16th inch lines and notated in 8th inch graduations with quarters in bold. This effective feature speeds up obtaining accurate measurements.

Milwaukee Tape Measure Review

Milwaukee designed this tape with a lanyard attachment point.

Milwaukee Tape Measure Review

One thing that I would have liked to see, is a hooked tab on the top side of the tape. The bottom hooked tab is of ample size and has a notch to grab nail & screw heads though, which is quite helpful. A magnet here would also be supportive for those doing a lot of metal work, but is not really needed with woodworking.

The belt clip is a traditional style found on most tape measures, and performs as expected. It clips securely on belts (both tool & pant belts), pockets, and anything else you can slide the clip over.

Milwaukee Tape Measure Review Performance

Milwaukee Tape Measure Review

Milwaukee Tape Measure Review

The tape breaks at just over 9’ while being held in my hand. That does not sound like a lot, or a big deal, until you think about that in terms of it being over half the length of the tape, then it becomes pretty significant. As you can see, a 9’ unsupported reach on a 16’ tape is quite impressive. I decided to see how far I could stretch the reach and I clamped the tape to my bench and got 9’ 9-7/8”!

Milwaukee Tape Measure Review

The tape lock is quite strong and has a positive, tactile feel. This makes it easy to tell when the lock is engaged, by feel only.

Retraction is achieved by a powerful spring. The tape pulls back in to the housing quickly and the tape does not flop around while doing so, even for being so narrow and thin. One drawback to such great spring tension is the housing vibrates while retracting sometimes, as the slack is wound up inside. This does not affect the performance, but can just be annoying.

Milwaukee Tape Measure Review Value

Home Depot carries this Milwaukee model tape measure for $10.97 each. This price is right in line with other tapes of the same size, making it competitively priced.

Being that the tape exceeded my expectations, I think you will be as pleased as I am to add it to your collection of measuring gadgets.

Milwaukee Tape Measure Review Final Thought

Tape measures seem to get overlooked more often than not. I sure was guilty of it before this Milwaukee Tape Measure Review. I hope it changed your outlook as it did mine, especially when considering a purchase. Milwaukee is a strong competitor in this realm.


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