Dewalt Organizer Review

Dewalt Organizer Review

Let’s face it, who doesn’t like to stay organized? OK, organization may not be for everyone, but for those who have OCD about tool organization, boxes like these can make a world of difference. As you know, every power tool manufacturer has some type of job site organizational boxes for the professional. However, not all are created equal. I do have a couple of favorites in the marketplace and the Dewalt boxes are in my top picks. So let’s take a look at the Dewalt Organizer Review.

Dewalt Organizer Review Overview

Looking around the marketplace you can find some very inexpensive and cheaply made storage boxes. On the other hand, you can find boxes that cost a ton but can take abuse from a nuclear bomb.

For me, the Dewalt boxes hit the sweet spot. They are tough boxes, built well but don’t cost a lot. The two boxes we are looking at today are the Dewalt 10-Compartment Pro Small Parts Organizer DWST14835 and the Dewalt 10-Compartment Deep Pro Small Parts Organizer DWST14825.

Dewalt Organizer Review Features

Dewalt Organizer Review

Both boxes feature a see-through lid so you know exactly what’s inside without having to open each lid.

Dewalt Organizer Review

The deep tray features metal latches which are rust proof.

Dewalt Organizer Review

Both boxes have a rubber seal to keep parts in and the environment out.

The deep box has trays and allows you to organize them in all most any manner you want.  You can also remove a tray if you want to set it next to you while you are working.

Dewalt Organizer Review

The small box also has a see-through lid. The latches are plastic but still durable.

Dewalt Organizer Review

The lid fully opens so you can access each compartment easily.

The small box doesn’t have removable trays. This box has dividers you can use to make compartments bigger or smaller.

Dewalt Organizer Review Performance

Dewalt Organizer Review

Overall these are great boxes. Sure they are plastic, but they will take a beating. I like how there is a metal rod that runs the full length of the hinges so I know they are solid. I like how the deep organizer has metal hinges. While I wish the smaller one had metal hinges, it is still a decent design.

Stacking them on top of each other is easy and does make for good transportation. If you do drop them, expect that they will separate. Good news, while they will come apart, we didn’t have either of the lids pop open.

Tipping them upside down, there was a little flex in the lid and some small finish nails went to other compartments but for the most part, everything stayed together.

Dewalt Organizer Review Value

The small organizer is priced at $10 while the larger organizer is $15 at The Home Depot.  As I said earlier, you can find some boxes that are cheaper but for the quality, design, and durability, I think these are worth the money. It’s a very simple and inexpensive way to stay organized.

Dewalt Organizer Review Final Thoughts

Bottom line, these are good boxes at a good value. They make your life easier to stay organized. Are they the toughest boxes on the market? No, but they aren’t trying to be the toughest. They are built to last and take your daily abuse on a job site. So for about $100, you can build yourself a very nice system where you can store different types of fasteners, parts or whatever else you want to keep organized. This system will quickly become a new favorite for professionals and homeowners alike who are looking to organize their tool collection.

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dewalt-organizer-reviewWhile these aren't new to the Dewalt organizational lineup, they are an effective way to manage, store and transport small parts like nuts, bolts, trim nails and more. The rugged organizers have see-through tops which mean you're not opening every box to find that you need. If you're looking to organize your collection of tools and fasteners, this collection from DeWalt is worth a look.


  1. I am currently using the larger box for various 1-2″ to 1″ pipe galvanized and copper pipe straps, while the smaller container is used to organize various sizes of Pex water line fittings that are infrequently used, but nice to have. Overall I’m pretty happy. They store nicely on my truck, can’t say I’ve had any problems in the two months or so I’ve owned them.


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