DeWalt Multiport Charger Review

DeWalt Multiport Charger Review

Multi-Port chargers are nothing new, what is new is how the charging takes place. DeWalt has come up with a multi-charger that will charge their 12-volt, 20-volt and 60-volt line of batteries quickly and simultaneously. DeWalt has made this easier than ever to make quick work of job site charging with their new charger. Let’s check out the DeWalt MultiPort Charger Review and see how it stacks up.

DeWalt Multiport Charger Review Overview

DeWalt Multiport Charger Review

Battery operated tools have advanced so far in the past decade that they are quickly replacing corded tools on the worksite. Cordless tools are making the worksite safer by eliminating the tripping hazards of extension cords along with increasing productivity. The productivity gain can quickly be eaten up if a worker has to stop the job to wait for a battery to be charged.

There are a few ways to combat wasted time on the job site due to battery issues. One way to save time is by increasing the runtime with batteries and this is accomplished by increasing the batteries’ output. This is something that every tool company with battery technology is actively doing. This is apparent with the recent increases in battery amp hours and higher powered lithium cells.

Another way to decrease downtime is by having multiple batteries charged and ready to go when needed. This is what the DeWalt DCB104 Multi-port Simultaneous Fast Charger does and it does it extremely well.

As I said above, multi-port chargers are not new. Typically a multi-port charger will charge each battery plugged into it in series. That means it will charge one battery at a time and once that battery is fully charged, it will move onto the next battery. So basically it is like standing in line at a grocery store with only one lane open and three people in front of you. It’s going to take some time to get everyone checked out.

The DeWalt DCB104 Multi-port Simultaneous Fast Charger does its job a little differently. It charges every battery plugged into it in parallel, meaning each battery charges at the same time. So, take that same grocery store line, but this time all the lanes are open. No more standing in line and everyone gets out quicker.

Since this charger is meant for high demand situations like a busy job site, I’m going to focus my review as it pertains to the job site professional and not the typical homeowner.

DeWalt Multiport Charger Review Features

DeWalt Multiport Charger Review

The DeWalt DCB104 Multi-Port Charger can charge up to 4 batteries at a time and each one of the charging ports will accept the DeWalt 12 volt, DeWalt 20 Volt and DeWaltFlexvolt 60 volt slide pack batteries. This is an excellent feature because it eliminates the need for multiple platform batteries.

DeWalt Multiport Charger Review

The DeWalt DCB104 Multi-Port Simultaneous Fast Charger comes ready to accept a DeWalt tool connect Bluetooth tag which works with the DeWalt tool connect app. By adding a DeWalt Tool Connect Bluetooth Tag to this unit, job sites can track their tool inventory better along with fighting job site tool theft.

This unit has a nicely located and handy cord wrap.

DeWalt Multiport Charger Review

With thru-hole wall mounts, this unit can be mounted up high easily and elevated off of the floor.

DeWalt Multiport Charger Review

A sturdy carrying handle is a nice and useful feature.

DeWalt Multiport Charger Review

Side brackets on this unit make this charger compatible with the DeWaltToughSystem.

DeWalt Multiport Charger Review Performance

This tool does one thing and it does it well. It’s designed to charge a lot of batteries quickly and it does it in about the most efficient way I can imagine.

For a frame of reference, it will charge 4 – (DCB204) 20-volt max 4Ah batteries in 40 minutes. It can also charge 4 – (DCB606) Flexvolt 20/60 volt 6Ah batteries in 1 hour. This is extremely fast.

DeWalt Multiport Charger Review Value

As I said in the beginning, I am taking a look at this charger from the point of view of the job site professional, where time is money. The DeWalt Multi-port Simultaneous Fast Charger will keep a work site’s spare batteries constantly charged, ready to go and in a centralized location. If you have a work site that has multiple jobs going on and dead batteries seem to be an issue, this might just be a simple fix to keeping your work headed in the right direction. On Amazon, the DeWalt Multi-Port Simultaneous Fast Charger is currently priced at $199.

When looking at this charger, you have to ask yourself a few questions. Will this tool speed up our production time? Eliminate the need for multiple chargers? Help us stay organized by centralizing our batteries? If any of these answers are yes, then this charger can add some value to your business.

DeWalt Multiport Charger Review Final Thoughts

To recap, the DeWalt Multi-Port Simultaneous Fast Charger is meant to decrease downtime on the job site by rapidly charging multiple batteries at one time. The number of batteries it can charge in a very short period of time is very impressive.

If you are on a busy job site that runs on the DeWalt cordless platform, then this multi-port charger may be of value to you and worth a look at.

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dewalt-multiport-charger-reviewDeWalt keeps the professional in mind with their Multiport Charger. With the ability to charge up to four batteries at once, as well as their 12V, 20V and 60V batteries this charger is extremely versatile. When speed is the name of the game, simultaneous charging offers huge advantages on job sites that rely on their cordless tools to keep them working. Busy job sites will love this charger from DeWalt.


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