Dewalt Lasers – Christmas in a 12V

Dewalt Laser DCH253M2

If you have been following us for a while, you already know the Bosch GLL-80 is my favorite laser (See our revisit of the Bosch Laser).  I love the laser because it’s not only durable, but practical.  The Bosch has the capability to project a line laser 360° in a horizontal and vertical direction.  Well Dewalt came out with their new Dewalt lasers and we had a chance to take a look at all four models.

Dewalt Lasers

  • DW089LG – 12v MAX* 3 x 360 Green Line Laser – Retail Price $549
  • DW088LG – 12v MAX*Green Cross Line Laser – Retail Price $349
  • DW089LR – 12v MAX* 3 x 360 Line Laser – Retail Price $399
  • DW088LR – 12V MAX* Red Cross Line Laser – Retail Price $199

With the new Dewalt lasers, they are offering two green lasers and two red lasers.  In the green category, they have a 360° laser that has both vertical and horizontal.  They are also offering a simpler laser with a cross line laser.  Both of these lasers are also in red.  You may wonder why they have a green and a red laser.  The reason is green is easier to see and detect.  However green lasers are more expensive to produce and that is why you see a premium with the green laser.  I am surprised at the price point difference between the DW089LG and the DW089LR of only $150.  In the past, green lasers always seemed like they had a much higher premium on them.  With the green lasers you should get about 100′ visibility range while the red is cut in half with about a 50′ visibility range.  So if you tend to do most of your work under the 50′ range, you will be able to save $150 and invest in the red Dewalt laser.  The only other difference between the two lasers is what battery comes with the laser.  The green lasers comes with a Dewalt 12V 2Ah battery, while the red lasers come with a battery case, which looks like a 12V battery, but you actually have to use 4 AA batteries.

For the following items, this applies to both the green and red Dewalt laser.  You can use a range detector with these lasers for up to 165′ and they have an accuracy of 1/8″.  All the levels are self leveling, so no messing around with setting it up.  Since they are designed for the job site, Dewalt made these with an IP rating of 65, which means it’s completely dust proof and can take a pretty good beating with water.  You just can’t submerge it.  Also the lasers are a class II.  Each Dewalt laser comes with an integrated magnet and a case to protect it when not in use or transporting.

Overall these all seem like great lasers.  None of them feel cheap and they seem like they will last.  The functions are easy to use and with the self leveling feature, these are extremely easy to set up on a floor, mount or pretty much where ever you need them.  I like the fact that Dewalt is offering four different lasers and didn’t go with a motto of one size fits all.  This allows the users to buy only what they need.  If you are in the market for a line laser, take a look at the Dewalt laser.

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  1. Well let me first say what a nice write up this was, kudos TIA for that. Now that me tell you of my experience with this Dewalt self leveling 360 3 beam green laser no. DW089LG.

    What a tool to have, I’m use to using red lasers, but the moment I turned on the first line, and saw that green beam shine out. I knew this was special! Not knocking red lasers at all they have there place. But if you have to deal with the least little bit of light in your layout area, green is the way to go. So much brighter, so much easier to see.

    And the best part is this tool is so easy to use. One button on/off for main power (12v), then you have control of the three laser beams by marked buttons. Press for on, press for off. When you turn one of the beams on, if it flashes, then it’s not level. How cool is that! It comes in a kit, 1-battery, charger, wall/post mount and a magnetic mount, stick to and metal and it stays.

    In conclusion, I will say, if you can get this puppy on a deal, do so. It is a little pricey. Selling at most retailers for $549.00. So far my only complaints, are the price! Only 1-battery for this price. And that is does not come with a tripod. But I guess if Dewalt was looking to make a profit, they left out items that weren’t nessecary to get up and running. Bottom line, this is a BUY!!! Looking forward to many plumb and level jobs in the future. Thanks guys!

  2. Those are great lasers from dewalt thanks for the write up I look forward to getting the green rotary one I think I would have more use out of it. #TIACREW

  3. great laser and great write up Eric, I have an older DW088K and i love it but I’d trade it for one of these! love the fact it runs off the DeWalt 12v platform which I was thinking they had totally abandoned! Mine uses AA batteries and can burn through them if its in constant use so a rechargeable battery platform would definitely be a plus! #TIACREW

  4. My favorite laser is probably the Bosch. But I work with other contractors that have this laser and it is really good. Personally I am not a dewalt fan, but we all have different tool brands

  5. Yeah, green seems to be the way to go. Most likely green will take over and red will be phased out. Until then the price is for the rich and contractors that use them in a work setting. Nice find Eric. # TIA CREW


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