DeWALT Heated Jackets – Jobsite Tough


Heated jackets seem to be the craze this year.  Look at what Milwaukee has started, now you can get all sorts of styles and colors, even Bosch and Makita have come out with one.  I don’t want to steal the thunder away from DeWALT so let’s just talk about the black and yellow.  For its launch DeWALT has quite a few styles available from camo to a soft shell.  Our test sample is the black hooded jacket.  If you have ever worn a Carhartt this jacket feels identical to that.  It has the same soft lining and rugged jean like cotton twill material outside.  Out of all the heated jackets we have ever tested so far this is the most rugged and begs to get dirty.    With that being said you will still want to hand wash it in cold water.

buyamazon1  The jacket is powered by any DeWALT 12V or 20V max battery.  Run time varies depending on what size pack you have. You can expect run times ranging from a few hours with a 12V to almost all day operation with a 20V.  The power adapter has 2 USB ports to charge any USB device like you phone.  It looks just like the DBD090 USB power source with an added receptacle for the jacket plug.  Again the bigger Amp hour battery you use means more run time.  We do like the versatility of using both battery platforms but the location of the battery pouch is very uncomfortable in any sitting applications.  Even with a small 12v we could feel the pack digging into our lower backs.  The Milwaukee is in relatively the same location but does not feel as obtrusive as the DeWALT.  I attribute this to Milwaukee packs being round, and just leave a smaller footprint.  Another disadvantage of having the pack in the back is that you need to take the jacket off to replace a pack or add a device to charge.

Like all heated jackets it has the three temp zones, back, right and left chest.  It also has 3 heat zone settings.  The button is located inside the left collar area and was easy to operate with gloves on.  Each temperature setting has its own color.  There is also a preheat button to get the jacket warmed up fast.  Even without heat this jacket is warm and comfortable.  It is also wind and water resistant.  There are no reflective areas on this jacket so it might not be the best option for night work unless you are a thief and don’t want to be seen.  The jacket has 2 big outer front pockets and an inside cell phone pocket.  You can route your charging cable through the jacket so it doesn’t get caught on anything.  DeWALT covers this jacket with a one year warranty.  To wrap it up the DeWALT Heated Hooded Jacket is one of the toughest heated apparel items we have seen so far.  If you are outside on the job site all day and spend most of your time standing or on your knees this is the jacket for you.  If you are a driver or sit all day you might want to take a look at some other options on the market.


  1. Great review Dan. Nice jacket. Its great there’s competition out there. Just noticed your “author description”, funny part about being unorganized and procrastinate. Aren’t we all.

  2. Thank you in advance for the upcoming Heated Jacket Tool Fight . I’ve been thinking about getting heated jackets for Christmas, but can’t seem to decide. Looking at the Milwaukee, Dewalt, & Bosch websites has not swayed me (though I have more loyalty to one of them) and having you highlight their features and provide constructive criticism will definitely help and also demonstrates your show’s value to consumers. I wish I had discovered Tools In Action a long time ago. Better late than never. Keep up the great work. Respectfully, Johnny.

  3. I have this jacket and the milwaukee jacket.

    I think the milwaukee one feels nicer, but the dewalt one just feels tough.

    The milwaukee one you could wear around town or going out, i get worried about it at a job site.
    The dewalt one is definitely designed for the job site. It’s something you would wear to do some serious work.

    good review guys!

  4. I picked up the Milwaukee hoodie a couple weeks ago(so far real happy). And I would say it fells just like a carhart hoodie very durable feel..

    I live in North east Ohio and have always preferred just a hoodie to a heavier jacket even when the temps really get down there.. Long Johns with the hoodie seem to keep me comfortable. I own quite a few of the carhart jackets and seems like I wear them maybe a month out of the year and then its back to a hoodie..

    I like the look of this and I almost got one over the hoodie But I think it would have been over kill for me. Even this hoodie with the heat on seems to make me hot.

  5. I’m just wondering about the cleaning directions for the Dewalt, I know Milwaukee states it can be machine washed. I don’t think handwash the dewalt would be good idea after a hard and dirty day of work would be any good.


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