DeWALT DW083K Self Leveling 3 Beam Laser


If you are in the market for rugged job site 3 beam laser then look no further.  DeWALT has just released the DW083K 3 Beam Laser which is perfect for laying steel track or curtain-walls.  The compact laser is approximately 9.5″x4″ and weighs just a tad over 3 pounds.  It comes in a blow molded case to protect the unit when in transport.

The cantilever design allows you to easily find plum over steel track and the 2 powerful magnets attach it to any steel stud.  The unit swivels on its base and has a standard tripod mount.  The on/off switch also locks the pendulum to keep it from being damaged when not in use.  The laser is accurate  within 1/4″ at 100″ and we had no trouble seeing it inside or out.  4 AA batteries power the laser and has a low battery light.  DeWALT covers this laser with a 3 year warranty.  It is a rugged laser that will last years on the job site.



  1. this is one of those tools that you think you will never use, but end up using all of the time. highly recommended (even though i have a bosch model…)


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