CargoBuckle Tie Down System – Cool Stuff


While at the GIE EXPO back in 2011 we came across the CargoBuckle.  Basically they are mountable, retractable straps.  I have cut my time of securing a load from 10 minutes to literally under 1 minute with the CargoBuckles.  They look like a 6′ long seatbelt and have a breaking strength of 3500 lbs.  When we loaded wood on our PJ trailer it was secure in seconds.

The CargoBuckles have a nice non marring rubber coated surface to protect your load.  I used a IRWIN step bit to drill the 1/4 holes which worked out awesome!  CargoBuckle includes the hardware to mount them and once in position we locked them down.  For those of you that do not want a permanent mount, CargoBuckle has a a lot of accessories to make it a standalone strap.  They also have flush mount, pick up bed mount and other mounting options.  Check out




  1. These look like a great item and perfect for strapping down loads without
    wondering if the strap is tight enough or if it will fall off enroute to
    your destination.


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