DeWALT DPW3835 3800 PSI Pressure Washer – Review


A little while back we wrote about the the DeWALT 4200 PSI pressure washer.  We used it in a commercial environment and it performed flawlessly.  The DPW3835 is almost identical except for the power is dialed down a bit to 3800.  DeWALT pressure washers are built to last, how do I know?  Because these machines have nothing but top quality parts on them.

Lets start with the frame of the unit, it is a 12 Gauge steel frame, 1-1/4″ tubular steel handles, welded construction with a solid steel 5/8″ axle. The unit feels solid and sturdy.  Attached to the axles are the 13″ pneumatic tires, they allow you to go over any terrain with ease.  The welded construction gives this unit a top notch quality feel to it and you have no rivets to start rusting out on you, which is a common problem with pressure washers. There is an instructional panel right on the front of the unit in case you get lost.  Attached to the frame is a Honda GX270 that produces 9 hp.  First pull starts every time, Yes I can attest to this!  It starts perfect every time and since its a Honda, you  don’t ever have to worry about it, as long as you keep it maintained.  The engine has a choke, fuel valve and a throttle control.  The gas tank is huge and will provide hours of operation before refilling.

Mated to the GX270 is a General Pump® TC Commercial Series pump that has a triplex pump design w/ ceramic pistons, adjustable unloader and thermal relief valve.  General makes the great pumps.  A feature that I like a lot on these pumps is the visual oil level gauge.  It easily allows your to see you pump oil level and if you need to add any.  In the pictures it looks like we are low on pump oil, that’s because it was sitting on an incline.  The unit includes a wand a 50′ hose and a soap dispensing hose.  The 5 quick connect nozzles: 0,15,25,40,soap tips are all neatly display on the upper bar. The unit has a 1 year warranty.

I have been using this pressure washer for a few months now and I really like it a lot.  It is easy to start and has more than enough power for a home owner. If  you’re not careful you can do some damage with this , case in point, the other day I was washing my truck with it and when I got done I saw some spiderwebs on the side of my garage,  so I sprayed it with the pressure washer.  It got rid of the spider webs and also most of my paint!   Its a powerful system.  By using quality engines and pumps DeWALT is proving that they are the one to beat in the pressure washer market.


  1. i have had the DeWalt 3800 for close to two years and have taken one back already. DeWalt makes no parts for this pressure washer and will not even work on them. all they have done is put their name on it. i have used DeWalt power tools for years and have had good service with them but not so with there pressure washers.

  2. I just bought one of these at home depot it has a AAA pump on it and no pressure adjustment,Even though the HD site says it is adjustable.And the floor model had a general pump with adjustable unloader. POS is being returned.

  3. It sounds like Dewalt themselves wrote the above review. I have had pressure washers for years and this is the worse. 1st one had oil leaking and Home Depot replaced it. This one has needed a new wand/gun within 2 months. Now (mine has a pressure control) the pressure is low, and a tech said something broke inside the pump and the pressure control just spins when I try to increase it. The machine 3800 is just over 6 months old and all I can do is wait til it comes back from shop (if the comp ok’s the repair under warranty) wtf? Problem is, it’s not built by Dewalt.

    • You are right, it is not built by DeWALT. Seems like you had a faulty unit it happens. We have had a few units out in the field with thousands of hours on them and they still run strong. The guns on most pressure washers are generic and of cheap quality. this one included. The detailers replaced the wands and hoses right away.

  4. This power washer is great, when it works. Nearly a year after purchasing this power washer there is very little pressure. It is very hard to start, even with the electric start. It also ways a ton, it takes two people to carry it up a flight a stairs. Overall this power washer is not worth the price tag

  5. I agree with Dan, great pressure washer. I Frankensteined two of these together (the guys i got them from were rough– like didnt change oil ever) , and the resulting Frank has worked for 2 years without a problem. Always starts on first or second pull and keeps pressure beautifully. Love it.

  6. I have had my Dewalt for 5 years now. Has started each time I used it and has done a great job. I just had to replace the hose but is expected. I would love to see a video on using the soaker and what maintenance is needed after use to keep the soaker working properly. I use my pressure washer for my decks and others but would love to try and use soaker for siding for tree sap.


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