ACDelco ARI2023 – Li-ion 18V 1/2″ Super Torque Impact Wrench


Sometimes you don’t want a compact tool, you want a huge, heavy, high torque man’s tool!   The ACDelco does not disappoint in the power department.  It comes in a nice blow mold case that holds the tool, charger and the 2 3.0Ah batteries.  The tool itself weighs in at a hefty 6.93 lbs and pumps out 480ft-lbs of torque up to 2000 rpms and provides 2600 impacts per minute.  An LED light illuminates your work area.

At the base of the tool is a battery fuel gauge and in case you are empty you can charge up in 40 min.  We used this impact on a few items around the shop and it worked great.  I wanted to get a professional’s opinion on this tool so I took it to our local marina Port Barrington Motorsports. When we were there, they just happened to be doing an engine change on a barge that had some salt water corroded bolts on it.  The tool worked out great , it torqued out the bolts with ease.  The mechanic liked that he did not have to take the air hose out to the boat.  He also liked that he can take the kit with him when he hauls boats for tire changes.


The kit comes with two  3.0 Ah batteries.  Some other kits only offer one, so I like this a lot because batteries are not cheap.  Retail is around MSRP is $399, expect to see a lot lower street price.  ACDelco has a one year warranty, you can either deal with the a dealer or call ACDelco directly and they will work with you to get the tool fixed.  Only time will tell how this tool lasts, but it has left a positive first impression.  We will be checking in on this tool from time to time to see how it is holding up.



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