Dewalt Combo Kit

Dewalt Combo Kit

When you think of professional power tools, which power tool manufacturer do you think of?  While there are plenty of brands in the market place, one brand that comes to everyone’s mind is Dewalt.  Dewalt is a company that is known for a wide range of professional power tools that are made to last tough job site conditions.  So how do you get into this brand?  Let’s take a look at the Dewalt Combo kit.

Dewalt Combo Kit Overview

So here is the deal.  Dewalt is one of the hottest selling power tool brands.  In fact, the Dewalt XRP was one of the best selling 18V NiCd brands.  Even when you look around today, there are people still using the older NiCd batteries.  When I talk to some of the tradesmen, they understand the benefit to upgrading but they question the decision since their XRP are still working and the large investment of upgrading.

So here is the deal with this article.  I am not reviewing the Dewalt tools.  This is more to show people what they can get and how they can get invested in the 20V Lithium platform for an inexpensive investment.

The way I look at this kit is sure, it’s not all their top of the line tools but it will get you what you want.  You can now get invested into a Lithium line for very cheap.  You get professional tools that will perform any task.  If there is a certain top of the line Dewalt tool you want, you can just buy the bare tool and still use the other tools. This kit is designed to get you into current times with the Lithium batteries and not break the bank.

Dewalt Combo Kit Features

Dewalt Combo Kit

The kit features 8 tools, 2 batteries, a charger, and Toughbox. The model number is DCKTS882D2M1.

Dewalt Combo Kit

The kit features a single 4Ah and a single 2Ah Lithium battery.  The large batteries are great for the higher demand tools like the saws while the 2Ah battery is great for the impact and smaller tools.

The kit comes with 8 tools, well for me it’s 7 tools and a light.

  • Compact Drill – DCD771
  • Impact Driver – DCF885
  • Circular Saw – DCS393
  • Reciprocating Saw – DCS381
  • Grinder – DCG412
  • Oscillating Tool – DCS355
  • Impact Wrench – DCF883
  • Flashlight – DCL040

Dewalt Combo Kit Performance

Dewalt Combo Kit

So these aren’t all the top of the line tools Dewalt offers.  But you get some quality tools, that are made tough and made to last.  All the tools are professional and will outwork your NiCd tools.  Using these tools over time, we have found them all to perform and not disappoint.

Dewalt Combo Kit Value

You can pick this kit up for about $500 at The Home Depot.  This is a steal when you consider just how much the box and two batteries run.  Now throw in 8 tools, you get a great deal and a great way to invest into a better battery platform.

Dewalt Combo Kit Final Thoughts

Overall you can’t go wrong with this kit.  8 tools, two batteries, a charger and a great box for $500.  If there are tools you use all the time and want to get the top of the line tool, now you can just buy the bare tool.  How else can you invest in a professional brand and get so much for so little? It’s a steal and a no brainer.


  1. I have been using Dewalt tools for a about three or four years. And I have never had a problem with any of them. The cordless tools and the batteries are indistructable. The 20v batteries hold a charge better than any other brand. Dewalt tools are very good tools.


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