Centipede Work Support Review

Centipede Work Support Review

When you think of portable work support, your mind will likely go to either sawhorses or portable workbenches There are a lot of products available today that seem to fall short in their needs. Whether a professional needing to set up portable workstations or a homeowner looking for an option to support the occasional project you know how important stability, as well as portability, can be. If you’re like the rest of us and have been wondering how to overcome a few common issues in portable work support, we may have found the solution in a product from Bora Tools. Today we take a look at their Centipede System in the Centipede Work Support Review.

Centipede Work Support Review Overview

Traditional Sawhorses have been in production since the mid-1500s where the idea was published in the book, De re metaliica that featured the current processes for mining and refining. At the time, sawhorses were used to support beams being formed in a mill, which isn’t too far off to what we use them for today. Sawhorses are somewhat of a shop staple, providing a fair amount of versatility to their applications. The common issues found with sawhorses is that their base support is small, so often users experience sagging and unstable support. As well, they can take up quite a bit of space and can be heavy.

Portable Workbenches are a great alternative to sawhorses, and virtually every manufacturer makes them to some degree. They are commonly made out of plastic and have a surface with four legs for support. They definitely have a place in a collection, but their negatives fall into being cumbersome and their stability largely depends on the surface they are placed on. As well, the surface space on portable workbenches tends to be fairly small, which eliminates their use for most professionals.

While both of these have great benefits, there is still a hole in the market for the ultimate portable support solution. What is interesting about the Centipede Work Support is that you essentially combine all of the things you love in sawhorses and portable work benches and eliminate the negatives. Today we look at two of the models Bora Tools offers in their Centipede lineup, the K6S, and the K100.

Centipede Work Support Review Features

Centipede Work Support Review

The K6S and the K100 are basically the same tools, with a slight change in the accessories included.

Centipede Work Support Review

The K6S includes 6 X-Cups, 6 Non-Slips, 2 quick Clamps, 2 Hooks and a storage bag.

The K100 includes 4 x-cups, 2 quick Clamps, and a carry/storage bag.

Centipede Work Support Review

P-top holes provide easy attachment of Centipede accessories.



The X-cups allow perfect space for a 2X4 to rest in to provide additional cross support.

Non Slips provide a grip to the workspace when clamps aren’t used and slip right into the P-top hole of the Centipede tables.

Quick Clamps allow easy securing of a workpiece to the table using the included P-tops.

Hooks allow additional items to be easily stowed such as cords and the like easily.

Centipede Work Support Review

The storage bags are made of a nylon material with woven straps that allow for a durable storage solution.

Steel Struts provide the Centipede with its incredible strength and stability. The struts supply the impressive impact that provides starting weight support for these models at 1500 lbs. There are several sizes and weight supports available in the Centipede lineup.

Centipede Work Support Review

By allowing multiple contact points for both the workpiece and the ground, the result is a strong and secure workspace.

Centipede Work Support Review

The K6S and K100 both expand to 2 feet by 4 feet and collapse to 6 inches by 9 inches to allow for easy storage.

Centipede Work Support Review Performance

The Centipede tables are perhaps one of the most unique tools I have yet to have reviewed. With the included accessories and a few additional pieces of wood or a sheet of plywood, you can create virtually any size work surface. Not only is it an ingenious way to create workspace and support based on your specific needs, but you also have an incredible amount of weight that these units can support.

Another area that the Centipede tables stand out in, is their ability to provide more stable support over other options. Most portable work tables provide great support, as long as you are on a level surface. The design of the centipede puts weight amongst numerous cross formed struts. Because you have multiple contact points as well as additional areas that can withstand the stress of weight you have an ideal system for maximum support. With job site conditions being unpredictable, you have a distinct advantage in this table over sawhorses as well. While you will have some considerations, the Centipede can withstand terrain inconsistencies far better than other options.

What is probably the most remarkable feature overall though, has to be the small storage footprint when the units are collapsed. Their storage bag is only slightly bigger than the stadium chairs we all have likely owned at some point so it’s an excellent choice for tight spaces and easy storage.

Bora Tools also allowed for several sizes and weight ratings to give users ultimate customization. No matter what your needs are size and weight wise, there is a Centipede table that will suit your needs. The Centipede is easy to set up, easy to use and has no foreseeable negatives.

Centipede Work Support Review Value

The K100 retails at $70, however it is currently at The Home Depot for $49.00. The K6S comes in at $80.00 and can be found at specialty retailers. The primary difference between these two tables is the accessories included.

There are a ton of Portable Work Tables options available, with a fair majority priced higher than these. While you can find sawhorses for less, I would choose the centipede for its support ratings, increased stability and a smaller storage footprint.

For a Homeowner, the Centipede provides unparalleled value in terms of versatility and storage. For a professional, the Centipede is a perfect choice for job sites that require a range of support needs.

Centipede Work Support Review Final Thoughts

Centipede Work Supports fall in an incredibly unique category of a tool most everyone will have a use for. Very few systems can cross the needs of professionals and homeowners alike which the Centipede table does in spades. I found this system easy, efficient, stable and all around great value. For those seeking the ultimate in works support solutions, look no further than the Centipede from Bora Tools.

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centipede-work-support-reviewSawhorses and Portable Workbenches have a huge market today. Very few manufacturers have found solutions to the common shortcomings seen in these popular tools, but Bora seems to have the answer in their Centipede Work Supports. These multi-function tables provide an incredible amount of support in a small footprint, which appeals to virtually every tool user. The excellent price point helps send these Work Supports over the edge for a killer combination of function and value both professionals and homeowners are sure to love.


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