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We got to check out some of the new DeWALT trigger clamps.  They come in a variety of sizes and the larger ones have a spreader function.  A quick change button allows you to convert it in seconds.  These clamps are really no thrills but they get the job done and have a good solid grip.  They have grooves in the pads for bar stock.  They come in various sizes up to 50″, check out DeWALT clamps via


  1. I’ve owned DeWalt clamps now for a few years & have relied on them for my wood projects thru the years. I have the 36in, 24in, 12in, & 6in, plus a few mini’s. How do they compare with Irwin, Kreg, Jorgensen, or Climax? Yes, I have these brands & a few more, from metal to plastic cheapo’s. In my experience they all work well & you really can’t go wrong with any. Some are more expensive than others & some are better for certain applications, but all in all they work the same. These DeWalt models are somewhere in the middle in price range with good deals with combo packs, which I recommend, because you get a few more for free compared to buying separately. I’ve heard a few times that these are Stanley or Fatmax hand tool rebranded to the DeWalt brand. Well, let me tell you that both brands are excellent hand tools by the same company. In a lot of instance there are differences (my two cents) . I used to buy mine on internet retailers, now HD is carrying them & you can test & feel. Laters TIA


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