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Delta Midi Lathe 46-460 Review

This is my second Delta Lathe, and I have been happy with my purchases thus far. My first Delta Lathe was an older model I picked up used from a friend. This newer model feels like a caddy compared to my older Delta.

Whats in the box:

Everything was well packaged, and assembled. The only thing needed out of the box is mounting it to your stand, or workbench of choice. A quick wipe up of some light oil, and I was ready to turn. Delta does offer a bed extension for another 25 1/2″ gain for turning longer items. (Model 46-463)

The first thing you notice once you have it cleaned and setup, is the attention to quality. The spindle, faceplate, locking pin, and crank are all highly polished. Most of the lever’s are rubber tipped, and the knockout bar has a nice plastic handle. The precision is very well noted when you align the tailstock to the headstock straight out of the box. Dead on!

One of the nice features on the 46-460 Midi is the easy belt change with the variable speed knob. Delta uses a “v style belt” much like a serpentine belt on an automobile. This allows positive belt placement for maximum efficiency, without slip. Adjusting the belt is very easy. You open two doors, one plastic door on the front, and another metal door on the side. You simply pull the tension lever down, and move the belt to the pulley of your choice, and push the tension lever back. Both doors are very wide and easily allow your hands to fit for an easy belt change.

Once you have selected one of the three belt positions, you can easily adjust to the appropriate speed with the variable speed knob. Settings are – 250-700, 600-1,800 and 1,350-4,000 rpm.

Another great feature is the forward and reverse switch. This allows you cut/sand the piece with or against the grain to achieve the best overall results.

Delta even included a 24 position spindle lock. If you want to run flutes using a router, the spindle lock allows you 24 different locked positions.

Overall I give the Delta 46-460 Midi Lathe high marks. It is packed with features, well built, quiet, and very enjoyable to use.


Here are Delta’s SPECS:


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