Advanced Firm Work belt – Overview


Once in a while we come across a tool or accessory that catches our eye. Have you ever been on a ladder working and your tool belt constantly slips, making you constantly have to adjust it? Well we have found something that solves this issue, its called the Advanced Work belt. It has an advanced cam buckle that can adjust anywhere from 1/64″ up to 11″. This is a major advantage over notched hole leather belts which give you adjustments of 1-2″ if your lucky.

Canvas belts can hold your waist better than leather belts, but the constantly, lose their shape and before you know it they look like long wrinkled prunes . The Advanced Firm work belt solves this issue also by having plastic reinforced sides. Once the belt has been put on and tightened to the correct tightness the next time you put it on you simply place it around your waste and snap the buckle, no need to look down trying to get the belt tongue in the correct hole. Like you have to do all other tool belts its that simple. You supply the pouches.

The belt is available in the following versions:

Advanced Soft/Plush

Advanced Leather 2″

Advanced Leather 3″

Advanced Suspenders



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