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Crown Boiler Update

We have received a lot of emails about the project we did last year which we updated an old boiler to a new Crown Boiler.  I know a lot of you wanted to know how it has been running and am I happy with the boiler.  I guess instead of answering all these emails, it’s just easier to do an update and email the link.  So here is what I have been telling people about my experience with the boiler.

First I couldn’t be more happy with the boiler.  The boiler is quite, runs smooth and best of all, it’s not kicking on all the time when part of the house calls for heat.  What this boiler will do is if one of the thermostat calls for heat and the temperature is still high for the water, only the pump kicks on.  How awesome is this, talk about saving energy and saving money.  I wish I could go into depth on this boiler, but I really covered everything in my first review, which the link is posted below.  This boiler has done everything as advertised.  It’s quite, efficient and just works.  What else can I ask for in a boiler?

One other question I get is how much has this boiler saved me.  This is one question I can’t really answer for a couple different reasons.  First we had an extremely cold winter last year, which was different from the warmer winter the year before.  Second I do have a wood burning stove that I use, so I am not using the boiler all the time.  I can tell you from my previous years of experience with the old boiler that if I would have had the old boiler last year, I would have had to get a second mortgage out on my house.  With the Crown Boiler, I know my gas bill was much smaller, just not sure by how much.

One pointer to anyone who owns a boiler.  Always make sure you exercise your valves.  Turn them on and off a couple of times per year.  This way if you every need to turn on or off a valve, you know it will work.


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