Chillsner Beer Chiller

Chillsner Beer Chiller

Mmmm, Beer.  Who doesn’t like a good cold beer after a long day?  For the most part I drink my beer before it ever gets warm, but there are those times where I get distracted and my beer sits a little longer.  If you have ever seen any of our videos, you have probably noticed that.  Well this winter my brother gave me a pretty cool gift called the Chillsner.  Whoever invented this product, I can tell they had the same issue and that is hating the taste of warm beer.  So what is the Chillsner Beer Chiller?

The Chillsner is a very simple concept.  It’s basically a metal rod, that has a hollow center.  You put the Chillsner in the freezer, once the metal gets cold, you insert it into your beer bottle and wham, your beer stays cold longer.  Here is the kicker.  Since the center is hollow, you can leave it in place and still drink your beer.  I have noticed that when you use the Chillsner, the beer doesn’t pour as fast into your mouth.  Also which I learned the hard way, make sure you take a sip of beer before you put the Chillsner in the bottle as you need a little room for expansion.  Not a huge deal, but it did take a couple sips to get use to.  Now to be fair, I haven’t had this sit in the summer heat.  However I have noticed a big difference when just sitting back and doing a little drinking at home.  You know how it goes.  You have a long hard day.  You get home, grab a beer and sit in your favorite Lazy boy.  After about ten minutes, you fall asleep only to wake up to the kids screaming, the wife yelling and you wondering what day it is.  Well your life might be a little chaotic at that time, but at least you have a cold beer thanks to the Chillsner Beer Chiller.  Cheers.


  1. When I first saw this post I was thinking, dude you need to drink your beer faster lol but you made some true points that have lead me to a couple wasted beers. That is pretty cool but for the most part I try not to leave a good beer behind.

  2. Ah yes, a gadget for anything you could dream of, but I can see myself getting this as a gift for someone, myself, I don’t let them sit long enough to get cold, either.

  3. I just got a set for me and a set for my dad. I think this thing is so cool. I also got over night shipping, I could not wait. I will have a good Easter with a cold beer.

  4. Have you tried using a yeti cup? I love mine. This little gizmo looks interesting I might have to try one out. Thanks for the review.

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