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Are you looking to buy a new ladder?  Don’t know which ladder manufacturer to buy or what ladder model to buy?  If so you have come to the right place.  Tools in Action test and reviews the newest ladder available and we report back to you with our in-depth ladder reviews.  We cover a variety of aspects that you want to know and understand before you make your purchase.  We have a list below where you can search through and find ladder reviews that will fit your needs.  If you don’t see a specific manufacturer or model that below, but you want more in-depth information on, check out our Power Tool Forum.  There are a ton of professionals and knowledgeable people in the forum who are always willing to help.  Also, don’t forget to check out our Power Tool Guide where you can do a ton of research on different tools before you buy.

Ladder Hand

Ladder Hand

When we were in Vegas at the hardware show we saw a pretty cool invention called the Ladder Hand.  Basically it is a small shelf...
Werner Multi-Position Ladder

Werner Multi-Position Ladder

When it comes to ladders, you have a lot of choices.  However, for me, there is really only one choice when it comes to...

Werner PA206 Aluminum Extension Plank Review

We recently had a chance to review the Werner MT26 Multi-ladder.  If there is one thing Werner knows, it's ladders.  The ladder is solid,...

Little Giant Ladder Xtreme 17″ – Review

Ok who hasn't seen a Little Giant Ladder Infomercial?  They are plastered all over our TV late at night and I have to admit...

Werner MT Series Multi Ladder Review – MT 26

Ladders are a must for any homeowner or contractor.  In fact, there have been so many ladders developed over the years, it's hard to...
Gorilla Ladders

Gorilla Ladders – The Common Sense Solution

According to a stat I found online more than 6,000 people die each year and another 30,000 people get injured from falling off ladders....
Werner Multi Purpose Ladder Review

Werner Multi Purpose Ladder Review

What do you think of when you think Multi Ladder?  Do you think heavy, do you think practical or do you think Little Giant? ...
Gorilla Ladder

Gorilla Ladders – The Ladder That Will Make You Stand Tall

A couple of months ago, we were introduced the Gorilla ladders.  We had a chance to check out their Hybrid ladders and were very...

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