Campbell Hausfeld 1800 PSI, 1.5 GPM Electric Pressure Washer PW183500AV


Sometimes you just want a simple cleaning machine to take care of your daily chores.  We went looking for a simple easy to use unit and came across the Campbell Hausfeld 1800 PSI, 1.5 GPM Electric Pressure Washer PW183500AV.

Manufacturer – Campbell Hausfeld

Model -PW183500AV


The PW183500AV took me by surprise at how much I use it.  It is very convenient to tote around and store.  The hose reel on the top is great for hose storage, but can be a bit  awkward due to the fact that it wants to tip when you turn the handle.  The oversized side hook holds the GFCI equipped electrical power cord with ease.  The wand easily stows on the side of the Pressure washer.  To turn the unit on there is a simple on off switch on the front.  As with any pressure washer you always want the water supply turned on before you operate the pump otherwise you will burn out the pump.  It is also a good idea to bleed the water line, just pull the trigger for a minute or so to bleed out the line.

1800 PSi is what this unit puts out, which is more than ample for most home cleaning tasks.  Being electric the unit is rather quiet and the pump only comes on when you pull the trigger.  The swivel garden hose adapter was very long and did not work with my particular industrial hose.  This was easily fixed by using a different hose.  2 easily interchangeable lances come with PW183500AV, a turbo rotary lance and the other is an adjustable wand.  The tip goes anywhere from 0 to 60 degrees with a detergent dispensing mode that draws from the onboard 1.5 liter tank.  It is connected via a 20ft hose that rolls up with the handle on the unit, I would like to have seen a 30ft hose here.

When I was washing a Ford F150, the unit would tip over easily when you overextended the cord.  It still worked fine, but there was some leakage from the detergent tank.  A one year warranty covers this product.  Overall I am surprised at how much I use this.  It is just convenient and quiet, so when I want to wash my truck at 5 am I won’t wake my neighbors.  I am not really that ambitious!  We have around 7 or 8 hours of use on the unit and it works great.



PW183500AV Includes:
Owners Manual
2 lances


  • 1 Year




  1. The pressure washer works fine. My only disappointment is that my last one, a Husky, which lasted about 12 years, had a wand with a rotating head that made it much easier to clean larger areas. The wands are not inter- changeable. Please let me know if you get something like that.


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