Bosch GLM 35 Laser Measure Added to the Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaway


We are excited to announce the new addition to the Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaway, the Bosch GLM 35 Laser Measuring Tool.  We actually had a chance this week to test and review this tool.  If you know Bosch, you know they have a large line of measuring tools.  One thing I personally like about this tool besides the size and durability, is the fact Bosch doesn’t have a one size fits all.  Bosch offers a wide range of measuring tools to meet the user’s needs.  For the GLM 35 you can measure distance, area, volume or indirect.  This also has the feature of addition and subtraction which means I no longer have to take my shoes off to count.  If you can wait and just want to buy one now, you can check it out on Amazon.


  1. Very cool! Saw one of these on the bosses desk today, of course I played with it. We were trying to go over blueprints but I was really getting the square footage of the office. Lol


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