Bosch Carbide Daredevil Hole Saws – Added to the Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaway


In case you haven’t heard Bosch has some new hole saws that are adding some serious efficiency to the job site!  We had a chance to take some out to a few local construction professionals and find out what they thought of these new carbide accessories.  The HVAC guys loved how fast it went though wood and the builders loved the stacked material capability on remodeling jobs.  The saw goes through wood up to 10 times faster than regular hole saws.

Bosch Daredevil Carbide Hole Saws overview

They also reported that were impressed with the ease in removing the plug.  Changing between saw sizes also proved to be simple with the Bosch Spinlock arbor. Simply pull back on the locking collar and reverse out the saw.  The pilot bit is a 1/4″ hex and it simply pulls out when the collar is unlocked.

Bosch Daredevil Carbide Hole Saws ArborBosch Daredevil Carbide recessed lighting Hole Saws

Bosch Premium carbide teeth do all the cutting and stay sharp.  These hole saws are great for almost all material that is commonly found on the job site.  Bosch is adding an assortment of these new blades to the Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaway.  There is only a couple of weeks left until the winner is announced.  Good luck and don’t forget to check out these new hole saws via Bosch




  1. I’m not to familiar with hole saws that much, but I can tell you removing the plug is a b!+€#. A few summers ago I help my brother with several orders of bean bag boxes out of plywood (yeah sturdy boxes) & drilling thru was tough after several holes, plus the plugs would jam. You wouldn’t think with plywood, but dang! I don’t recall the brand we used, but any improvement would be great. I’ve gotten compliments on the boxes (Chi Cubs & your Stanley Cup Champions Blackhawks!!! 3rd time in 6, Boo Ya!!) of our teams. If we make more I may go check some of these daredevil saws from Bosch, hope they make the large diameter holes. Laters TIA

  2. At my local tool store today for fathers day shin dig and the guy at the Bosch Tent gave me a brand new Universal Arbor Set and a 1 1/4″ New Daredevil Holesaw to try out! I’m so stoked!


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